Feeling down

Rain not stopped all day sitting having my tea and feel so upset inside I keep trying to tell myself that even though it has come back quick I want my brain to take in its a chronic illness like most of yous have but I see it as a death sentence on letrozole just now find know if it's working yet sorry for putting this up but you all give me hope xxx

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  • Hun you can do this, we all have down days I still do now, seems like it's one thing after another for me at the mo. You have ur loving hubby Hun, it's always good to talk to let it all out. I'm always here if u need to talk. You are strong Hun xxxxx

  • Thanks leianne sending a hug to you just read your post about the bone scan result the tablets iam on its one of the side affects xx

  • Hi honey,

    Well if it's any consolation, my doc said that if all cancers it's a good one to have as there are sooooo many treatments!

    Also my onc did say like you've mentioned already, that they are now treating our condition as chronic just like diabetes.. I guess we are still stuck in the belief that as soon as cancer is mentioned , it means a death sentence.. I try to live the idea that we can't change anything by worrying, so we just have to get on with it to be honest..

    I too have finished treatment early this year, stage 3c... massively convinced that I had a recurrence earlier this month, spent 3 weeks worrying sick , only to be reassured by scan that all was ok ... what a bloody waste of 3 weeks...

    Keep your chin up and feel positive about the drug you are currently taking .. sure things will be fine , and we are all here for each other !

    Much love ❤️

    Jackie xx

  • Dearest Friscok, I know this is a stretch, but to allow ovca fear to rob you of the "here and now" is the ultimate theft. Every single day I have to tell myself that I will simply NOT allow this F____king disease to take up any more space in my brain. I'm going to take back my happiness by just enjoying this day. I'm just not going to let OVCA steal the rest of my life! Much love, T

  • Well said Tesla ! What a great attitude 💜

  • Excellent attitude, long may it continue for you. We could all take a leaf from your book. ❤️Xx Jane

  • I think we all agree that this disease is a huge burden.

    Yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn't guaranteed to anyone. Which leaves you with today. Don't spend it worrying, you deserve much more, do something that makes you happy.

    Writing down your fears as you wake and putting them away in a box physically so you can get on with your day might help.

    Sending hugs xx

  • Some great replies from others and not sure I can add much apart from saying don't let OC mess with your head and spoil any of the days you are feeling physically good . We have already given enough of our lives to this disease .

    Enjoy . Stay strong love Kim x

  • Dont apologise for posting how you are feeling, we've all felt like you do now at some point ( probably a lot of times). The way I deal with it is to try to remain in the present. Im here, Im alive. Easier said than done I know, but try and focus on the positives. A colleague said to me the other day I dont know how you do it I said I hate to break it to you but nobody gets out of life alive so all any of us can do is focus on the here and now. I do hope you can refocus and try to enjoy the present. Sending you a big hug xx Kathy xx

  • Hi Friscok, This site is full off lovely ladies here for each other so don't feel like you can not post how you feel. This is a chronic illness you are not on your own when it comes to seeing it as a death sentence. I'm sure we all think this way at times but we can live with it and for a long long time. Cheer up love and come out fighting. sending you my best wishes Lorraine..💙💙

  • Hi lovely, I think the whole point of ovacome is that we are all here for each other to share experiences and offer advice and it is a fantastic support network so use us as much as you need to.

    When it's raining and overcast we all feel a bit more gloomy but that's nothing to be ashamed of and its good you feel you can share with us.

    Could I ask if you've had any counselling? I know you've had some rubbish times recently but talking to somebody who understands may help you a little? Perhaps you could speak to your medical team and ask for some more support.

    Kathy has got this pretty much covered, so I concur with her sentiments and send big hugs and lots of love to you and hope you can see some sunshine very soon ❤️Xx Jane

  • Hi Friscok - how are you today? I can see from my window that the Edinburgh rain has stopped for now so hopefully in your area of Edinburgh it's the same! Take the excellent advice of everyone's posts and try to focus on the now. You've got to try to get your head into a positive place when you can, and then stick with the programme! x

  • Hi all, I have been reading your positive replies and it's really helping me. I had a radical hysterectomy a month ago and only knew I had ovarian cancer when histology results came back last week. I've been offered a clinical trial and will speak to those people next Monday. I have to admit I'm petrified, still figuring out how to manage my emotions. I love the idea that this is a chronic disease. Right now I am feeling well physically and I have to learn how to live in the moment. So glad I found this group.

  • Aww big hugs, it's no fun this cancer lark. Up one day down the next.

    I felt shell shocked when they told me it was back AGAIN, flipping aliens and their campsites, and even more devastated once they told me it was in my liver, haven't they got better things to do than take up residence somewhere that isn't theirs. So once I got over the shock of squatters, that I couldn't see, I decided that without the benefit of x-ray specs there was little point in guessing whether they were having babies or just sleeping for the foreseeable future.

    Today is yours. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, with cancer or without. Enjoy now rather than spoil your life worrying about something you can manage but not control. How about some puddle splashing in the rain? Good for down days

    LA xx

  • Thank everyone I think it worrys me for cause I only got 3 mounths remission after First line and think chemo won't work again xx

  • Fris, there are numerous cases where women have longer remissions between treatments AFTER first line. Their experiences have been shared right here on this forum. So, you can plan to be one of them! T

  • Sorry to hear you're down, sending a big hug xxxx

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