Feeling down

Hi just been generally unwell with lots of pain. Sent to hospital for mri scan and spread to liver mets. Trouble is nerve damage to legs with radiotherapy have gone from being active to can just get about with pain after radiotherapy. Finally got pallitivecare team and mcmillain nurses so hopefullly when they get me sorted might understand it a bit better. Is this numbness nerve pain forever or will it get better, 6 weeks since pelvic mass radiotherapy, anyone been there? Thanks Carole x

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  • Hi Carole ..

    I got to a similar stage and was referred to the hospice. I was sorted out with pain and bowel medication as well as a long chat with the palliative consultant. She absolutely turned my life round for the better. X

  • Hope you get the pain sorted and then you will be able to start small walks outside building them up gradually. My right thigh was numb after radiotherapy it would happen just as I left the hospital. It did get better though

  • So sorry to hear you are in pain. I hope your nurses will help with this. Jo

  • Sorry to hear that. Radiotherapy can cause swelling so hopefully you'll feel better when that subsides.

  • Hi Carole, sorry you're having problems with pain. I too suffer from leg pains since my chemo. I've now started taking a couple of pain killers before I go for a walk to see if it will help. I feel well apart from this but it does get me down too. Hope they get your pain under control soon. Ann xo

  • Hope the nurses will be able to sort this out and get your pain under control Charlee. Love Mary xx

  • Pain control is what the problem is my liver isnt working right and I have blood today as the painful lump has moved. Mc Millain not here till Wednesday but have asked for gp out now for assessment! So bad in the 4 days home from hospital! Will it never end? Luckily my grandson Alexander born a few hours ago, a 9lb baby boy yippeeeeee

  • So sorry you're in so much pain, hope it can get sorted soon for you. But huge congratulations on your new grandson, he's a bouncer 9lb isn't he!!! Sending love and enjoy that baby!!

    Love Kaz xx

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