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Hello, I am writing for the first time and I hope I will not write with the same topics as others but this is effecting me so much that I cannot function any more and finally stopped working!

My CA125 is 43, last year was 16, after all reading I can only think the worst!

In the last 6 months I had so many infections due to cold, ... chest, urinary, ear, tooth and now have chronic sinusitis for the past 3 months! And 5 curses of different antibiotics!

Also, my B12 is raised to 1350!

I feel worn out, cannot control body temperature, sometimes pain in limbs... but worst of all is anxiety, worry and fear, my husband thinks my constant worry causes all these symptoms!

Feeling dizzy and foggy brain, ears are blocked and ringing all the time!

No other symptoms or pain anywhere!

Can my ill health due to ongoing infection raise CA125 and B12?

Hope somebody can reply! Please!

I am sorry if this post is not meant to be here, I have just joined!

Many thanks x

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I have completely forgotten to mention that I had 2 ultrasounds looking into my ovaries and everything was normal findings! :)


If you want to have total peace of mind, ask your gynae for a ct scan to rule any untoward out. I would suggest you also ring the Ovacome helpline tomorrow and discuss the issue with them as they would have more medical knowledge. Best of luck

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Thank you so much Suzuki, I will call Ovacome helpline today! X


UK, FYI, I had a transvaginal ultrasound and NO ovca was picked up. Ultrasound is NOT reliable for detection of ovarian cancer which can also start in the fallopian tubes. You'll need a CAT scan, maybe an MRI or a PET scan to find ovca. Please read my profile for more info.


CA is cancer antigen. It's a little raised but it can also indicate inflammation elsewhere so I'd wait for some confirmation before panicking



ukadriana, FYI, the symptoms you've listed are shared with many other illnesses. No one worries themself into a sinus infection. I experienced ALL of your listed symptoms including sinusitis for months on end with antibiotics being thrown at me for months at a time. Finally, an alert doc told me to have an endoscopy to rule out Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disorder, which I did have, and which was causing stomach acid to actually get into and irritate my throat and sinuses. Hence, the never ending cycle of sinus problems.

He also tested my thyroid and told me I had a sub-clinical thyroid disorder. He said among endocrinologists they cannot AGREE on what the threshold for T3 and T4 should be which leaves patients who are "on the borderline" suffering. So, I got a bed that elevates my head to stop the stomach acid from eating up my throat and I started taking levothyroxine and ALL the symptoms disappeared within 3 weeks and I have not had a sinus infection since.

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Thank you so much for detailed reply

! I will have another ultrasound next week but it will be a bit hard to persuade doctors for more detailed scans, I will have to find my way if it does not work with them! My best wishes for you and all of us! Sinuses are awful conditions but I feel really weak and it is difficult to believe it is because of them! Long journey for me!

Big thank you again and will update you! Xxx


I hope you get some respite as a result of all the good tips so far. If u pick up anything interesting and obscure about your v high B12, do let me know. Mine's off the scale!


Hi Mac27, I will certainly let you know about B12, that is next step I am going to tackle after this CA125

What is your reading for B12?

.... I have done lots of reading recently and realised to my big surprise that they are adding it to so many things, milk, even diary free milk, spirulina, many healthy raw powders, probiotics, not to mention already being in all food from animal, fish, eggs, now I avoid everything, my diet is becoming dull!

Take care, x


I don't know what mine is.... just that it's more than the top of the scale. I can't believe it's dietary in my case... never noticed it being added. It's been like this for at least 10 years. May be a metabolism problem.... good luck


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