New beginnings

New beginnings

When I joined this forum back in December just after my diagnosis on of you lovely ladies posted a picture of a blanket you'd made during treatment and that inspired me to take up crochet again after 30 years and make a blanket for my niece who was expecting her second baby. It felt like a positive way to spend my time and good to create something.

Well, it's been a bit on and off and it's taken me the whole of my treatment but here it is! It's a bit wobbly and wonky in places and it's wider at one end than at the other but I did it. I've just completed my 6th cycle of chemo so today feels like my first official day post treatment so I thought I should get this finished this morning and as I was sewing in the final loose ends I got an email from my niece with a photo of her beautiful daughter who arrived last night! Definitely feels like a new beginning - hopefully no more drugs for me for now and a new baby in the family:)

I can't remember who made the blanket but thank you for inspiring me and also to all of you for all your good advice and for sharing your own stories and so much useful information that has helped me through treatment. I still feel like the new girl but hope that in time I can help other people now that I've finished (final sign off next Tuesday 13th)


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  • Hi Your niece is going to love that blanket. Well done, I can knit but never mastered crocheting. Congrats on the new addition to the family :) and for completing your treatment xx Kathy xx

  • Thanks for showing us. What a lot of work. I feel knitting makes me feel I can still do something useful, whether its toy dinosaurs to sell in the charity shop (very popular they fly out as fast as we can make them) or garments and toys for family. My mother in law is thrilled with the cardie I made for her 80th earlier this year. I just have to be patient and accept that what I do will take a lot longer than a few years back and may have more imperfections.

  • Hi Andrea, I think that was me. I made a large blanket for my sister in Spain. It was a struggle at times especially on chemo but got there in the end. My sister came over a couple of months ago & picked it up. She has placed it on her sofa & loves it.

    I am so happy I have been able to inspire you. I do love your blanket. The fact you have finished your treatment is brillent & have a beautiful baby to enjoy as well.

    I am alway looking for idea to what I can make next. My daughter in law thinks something nice for Xmas so I am putting on my thinking cap. Thank you for posting this take care Cindyxx

  • Thanks Cindy for the inspiration! My blanket is much smaller than yours but it's a start and it's good to have rediscovered an old hobby.

    When I was 20 I was living in France and crocheted a cotton table mat for my Mum which she still has. I don't know if you can get the patterns for that kind of thing here but if you can there are some lovely designs and might be a nice project to try.

    Andrea xx

  • Hi Andrea, it's not often I can inspire anyone so pleased I have kindle your love for crochet.

    I find it takes my mind a way from this horrible disease. I am on chemo at the moment so having a break from crocheting, Hopefully will be back quit soon.

    My blanket might be bigger than yours but I couldn't do the beautiful detail your baby's blanket has. Also I can't crochet anything small even my baby's blankets are large. They have a kind of homemade look my daughter in law has often said only I can do.

    Good luck on your next project & also on your health getting better. Take care Cindyxx

  • Very impressed, Andrea! What a super thing to do - and what good timing. I'm sure your blanket will be very precious. Enjoy having a baby in the family, it'll be such a tonic for you when she melts your heart with her first smile at you.

    Loves Solange 😊

  • Made with love!

    Wonderful news Andrea,my new grandson is just 5 weeks old and a joy.You just enjoy your new arrival,I knitted lots of cardies,it feels like an achievement and an achievement being able to focus since there is such a thing called chemo brain😪

    Well done on reaching the end and celebrate after your sign off,

    Carole xxx

  • It's lovely, and full of love for the new baby. Well done!


  • That's wonderful. It looks soft and will wrap her up with lots of love from you.

    You are very talented and anyone would love to receive an heirloom blanket.

    Clare xx

  • Hi Clare - I often think of you and wonder how you are getting on. I know you've had such a tough time since I joined this forum but you always make time to help the rest of us out and give advice. I hope your team are on top of symptoms and you're comfortable xxx

  • Hi Andrea, well done. Your niece will love the fact that when you were at your lowest you persevered to make this blanket for her baby. I'm sure it will be very precious to her.

    I crochet, I don't remember if I posted a photo of a blanket, I've made quite a few over the last 4 years since diagnosis and learning via YouTube how to crochet.

    Congratulations on the arrival of your great nice. Look forward to having some cuddles with her. Ann xx

  • Clever girl, it's beautiful and I'm sure it will be treasured for a long time. I took up knitting again during treatment and still knit daily. I'm busy trying to learn crochet via you tube and Pinterest and I'm getting somewhere but it's a very slow process. Well done with the blanket and especially on finishing your treatment. ❤️Xx Jane

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