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ONX 08-01 new hope?

For those ladies who may not have seen this with all the stories about terror attacks and election dominating the news, there is finally some potentially good news about OC. Various papers inc. Independent and news programmes (check online) ran a story about a new drug for OC. Developed by the Marsden and ICR with the catchy name above. It's only had a tiny initial trial so far but 50% of advanced ladies saw tumours shrink.

It's very early days and hopefully it will prove very effective when they do bigger trials. It was just so good to hear something in the news about another possible treatment for OC. Keep an eye out and fingers crossed for future success!

Love to all and keep positive!



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Hi Em, saw this on the BBC website, v. thought provoking and like you said, there's hope for the future.




It's great to see that new drugs are being developed, however not for all, you must meet criteria, e.g. If your cancer has spread to the lungs as mine has done. , then you would be excluded from this new drug

Love to all Jackie O xx


Hi Jackie - I saw this too and mine had previously caused blood clots in the lung but worth pointing out I feel that though that may exclude us from the trial it wouldn't neccessarily mean the drug would not be effective at helping us. It may just be that for their research purposes they need women where the lungs are clear (I don't know why that would be but there could be many reasons) I'm not ruling it out if it gets rolled out in time - in fact am going to enquire about it anyway when next see my consultant which is Thursday.

Still reasons to be potnetially hopeful xxx

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Thank you for sharing I saw it on a fb feed, the drug does look promising]


Thank you Em xx


Hi Em

I agree, in fact I asked my onc. today if I could be considered for this - fingers crossed.



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