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Hi Ladies

Mrs Lumpy Bumpy here again (Yes I still have all my lumps and Bumps) my blog is about a book I downloaded onto my kindle its called " Been there Didn't Do" That by Jill Herring. Its written by a lady who`s sister recently died from OC its well written and a good read. If any one has a kindle please download it I think it cost about £3.00 but the good news is that the money goes to Ovarian cancer research.

Love to all Babs x x

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  • Oh I love a good read Babs so I'll see if I can download it on to my I-Pad. Not so much choice as the Kindle. It's certainly had good reviews and I think I'd find it more digestible than "Memoirs of a Debulked Woman' by Susan Gubar. I recently reviewed this for Macmillan and couldn't get past the second chapter.

    Looking forward to reading it. xxxx love Annie

  • Just download the kindle app Annie -- then you have the lot at your fingertips. Mind you I have accidentally bought the same book on both platforms before now ... Doh!


  • wow you can download a kindle app on to the I Pad? I didn't know what. What a fantastic new bit of information. Thanks so much Sue. I'm off to London later today so will be able to read it in the train.

    Love Annie

  • Thanks babs. have downloaded it. Xx

  • Thank you for the suggestion, Doreen.



  • Thanks for that Babs. Always good to get recommendations.

    Love Mary xx

  • Just to let you all know Jill Herring who wrote the book is a member on Facebook in the Variant Cancer UK group. So if you read the book and want to leave her a comment just log in to the site. I know Annie and Sue are already members x x

  • Sorry that should have read Ovarian Cancer UK. Silly me x x

  • Thanks Babs

    Will download it and give it a read.

    Love Linda xxx

  • I quite like the name Variant instead of Ovarian!!

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