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Stage 4 question

Hey all!

So I had stage 3 last year and then had my cancer metastasis to a couple lymph nodes in my neck and back. So now because of the reoccurrence I'm stage 4. My question is I am on carbo/taxol and avastin and in June I'll be done with my final chemo. Now my doctor expressed that she does not want to keep me on chemo. I have heard from some women they put you on avastin or maintenance chemo. Now if I am in remission how common is this maintenance chemo? Also is there a pill form that anyone is on after chemo? I know I'm getting more info Monday or at my last chemo but I really don't want to be at the hospital forever.

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Hi, I've never had Avastin as we can't get it in Northern Ireland. I know some ladies are on this alongside and following completion of chemo, maximum 18 months I think but I'm sure they will come on and tell you themselves.

I'm currently on watch and wait after my second line treatment. I finished it in August last year and found out in September that it hadn't left me NED. When I got me first recurrence I was on watch and wait for 18 months. I'm hoping that I'll get at least 18 months this time too but definitely want to get over a year before I have to start treatment again. This is decided on my symptoms and/or if the scan shows something that means it should be started immediately. I'm scanned every 3 months. I trust my oncologists competely in this regard. Personally I don't think I could cope with going from one chemo straight to another but that's just me. Avastin is I believe a maintenance drug.

Good luck. Ann xx


I started the Avastin for maintenance inoperable tumor was 1.6 cm and the right axilla was 1.0 cm. Last scan showed a lymph node at .5cm on my neck (this is new), and the right axilla was .7cm and the inoperable tumor (between vena cava/aorta..with high grade serous fallopian tube carcinoma) is down to .5cm..this is after 6 rounds of Avastin. I wasn't told how long Avastin can be given but know a lady who has had it for 3, almost 4 years now. Zejula, is a new drug that has been offered to many ladies who are NOT BRCA positive..I am BRCA negative so this drug is one I hope to keep in the 'arsenal' should I need's for recurrent/stubborn fallopian tube/ovarian cancers that are NOT BRCA positive.


Taking Zejula for maintenance therapy. It's just been approved in USA for recurrent cancer. It's a parp inhibitor.


Hi...... I was diagnosed at stage 4, and after the surgery and 18 weeks of chemo, I enjoyed a 27 month remission. It has recurred in my liver and maybe colon. I don't qualify for the study being done here in the US, so I'll go on chemo again. My doctor did mention using Avastin in conjunction with the carboplatin, and this time gemzar.....I had the carbo and taxol last Avastin at all. I'll find out tomorrow what I'll be getting. They also mentioned using the carbo and gemzar and then using Avastin after those two drugs are finished. I have heard of many women on the Avastin following chemo, and have done well.

I hope you got some good information at your appointment. I wish you well.....JudyV


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