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hi just thought i would pass this on just about to start reading dr Michael moseleys new book " the clever guts diet" have heard good reviews on it and it talks about our guts and the bacteria which i know us ladies are quite expert on !!

i have a lot of faith in his research as i did the the blood sugar diet and it helped me shift my post chemo weight so heres hoping this will do the same for all my gut bacteria !! he recommends seaweed for constipation !!

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  • Hi Claire, thank you something us ladies can look into.

    I have started taking a little bottle of drink that helps with your gut bacteria. So far it seems to be helping but more information on this subject can't hurt.

    I am not too sure about seaweed it makes me sick.

    I will let you know how I get on. Thanks again take care Cindyxx

  • I have been doing the Apple Cider Vinegar thing. 2 TBs in a glass of water 3 X a day. Has to be the ACV with the "mother". Much like Kombucha. (sp). It balances your gut bacteria but for me, it knocks those sugar cravings out the door and keeps things moving. Super diuretic! My daughter gave me seaweed snacks but yuk! Lol. I'll check out the book, tho thanks! .

  • Hi Mommoo, sorry to be a pain but what does TVs in a glass mean? Is it just apple cider vinegar because I would like to try this. I have tried everything I can think of & so far nothing is working on this oc. I have read having a good balance in the gut helps towards limiting cancer cells. I am all for that but starting to get a bit dissolutioned when it came back for the third time in just 2 years. Thanks take care Cindyxx

  • Oh. Sorry. That must be a typo. It's 2 Tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of water. Some folks add some honey to sweeten it up. I use Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar because of the probiotics it contains in the form of good bacteria. The bacteria is called the Mother. You can Google 'Bragg Apple Cider' and learn about it.

  • Amazon have a 5L organic A.C.V with the mother, from Living Earth brand it is so much less expensive than Braggs and just as good. I think the 5L cost me £13. xxx

  • Hi Badger, I will look this up as my daughter in law does Amazon. Thanks take care Cindyxx

  • Hi Mommoo, thank you for that I did look up TVs for the gut but it didn't come up with anything I wanted. Now I understand it's was tablespoon. Take care Cindyxx

  • Probiotics. One word. Works for me. Even in Mexico

  • i am half way through reading the book but have to say am pretty impressed with the research behind the theory and the menu for meals i would highly recommend the book and having lost two stone and kept it off by following his last book the blood sugar diet i find him a reliable source

  • I have learnt to keep quiet ( having experienced folk welling up like toads and begin to splutter ) regarding my views on probiotics and their usefulness in dealing with cancer. However, being as it was you who mentioned it first Lol......if you ever want to give kefir a go ( or any of the ladies for that matter ) I have both water and milk grains that I,m happy to share. xxx

  • i already do kefir but thanks the book goes into quite some detail of our guts!! talks about probiotics but also prebiotic and like i said some good recipes to get " good" bacteria in your gut !! he is not making any claims regarding cancer but i figured after my treatment of chemo and hysterectomy and 18 months down the road and still have a uncooperative gut at times !! this was worth reading

    he has good research but it needs to be read and followed i guess so ask me again in a month !!

  • So just wondering about the water kefir... what does it fed on with just water?

    I used to do milk kefir with raw milk but stopped once I was back on chemo... was looking I to water kefir but not quite got there yet!

  • The water grains are fed sugar which scares some people understandably, but it,s the grains that eat it, then poop out the probiotics and there,s no sugar left in the liquid after 24hrs!. The grains need some sort of minerals for their health and growth ( it,s like having another pet! ) which they get through people using an unrefined sugar or adding molasses for example. Some folk like to give their grains a few un sulphured sultanas or other dried fruit to munch .Chlorinated water will kill them, so most people either evaporate the chlorine out of the tap water or buy bottled mineral/spring water. You can then second ferment without the grains a further 24hrs, with fruit or spices added for flavour or extra health benefits, ginger and lemon is a big favourite. There is lots of information on YouTube about both Kefirs. There is also quite a lot comes up if you type in kefir and cancer research, interesting reading. If you do ever decide to start either kefirs, I would be happy to give you grains. I got mine originally from Amazon, "Crave longevity, organic milk and water kefir". Hope you have a good week. xx

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