I haven't seen any posts regarding diet and wanted to share recent experience with you which may or may not be helpful. Had debulking op in August this year. At moment waiting for first 6 week appointment with consultant. My ca is very high at 750. So big worry there. Bowels have played up during this time (both ways) but now mainly constipated. Looking on internet decided to try adjusting diet cutting out my morning porridge and substituting natural yogurt with bananas. So going more for a lower fibre diet which seems to be helping. But early days. Also suffering from indigestion pains in chest. The back pains I had also been experiencing I feel were due to constipation and those have disappeared.

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  • Hi there. If you have these problems and if they're related to Ovarian or its treatments, then I feel you need to speak to your GP or oncologist about symptom management.

  • Have seen gp. He contacted oncologist who said if symptoms got worse would see me sooner than 6wks. Roll on 16th. But feel well and very active. Thought I was having a eureka moment so a little crest fallen now.

  • I can imagine. The waiting is very hard I know.

  • Hi, I would say seek professional advice over diet. There was a discussion recently on managing constipation and avoiding bowel blockage. I had no idea they are completely different till I suffered with the former a few weeks ago and rang my CNS for advice. Some hospitals, Maggies Centres, or the Penny Brohn Cancer Centre offer courses on diet for cancer. I joined a session on diet in the Penny Brohn and it was really helpful.

    Hope your new regime works out well for you. xx Annie

  • Unfortunately not got any of those centres in lancashire. When I have mentioned my bowels all that has been said is that all my organs have got a lot more room and need to settle down after op. This may be true but if bulking myself up with slow release porridge and muesli is proving the problem I am better without it.

  • Hello. Firstly. sorry to read about the diagnosis and your constipation problems, but as you know, we all react differently to the treatment regime. If you are suffering from constipation and/or bloating and/or have a sluggish digestive system - talk to your oncologist /oncology team before changing your diet. I would reckon that I have a good and balanced diet, but suffer from constipation since I was diagnosed - and while some people did tell me to introduce various food options, I know that the medical team who treat me decided my best options. Of course, plenty of water and fruit & veg is always good for us.

    best of luck with the treatment.


  • I feel that too Daisies. With Ovarian in particular, I know from my own oncologist that it's important to get it right when it comes to managing constipation.

  • Hi like you I also had indigestion and digestion problems after my debulking. It took a year before everything settled down and got back to sort of normal, so it's still early days for you. I really think as individuals we have to work out what's right for us. I've certainly had to do this and find I can't tolerate certain foods like I used to. Before my op I could eat anything I wanted, but now I have to be more careful. I've now got mild IBS and one minute I'm suffering from constipation and the next I can't keep off the loo. I'm slowly learning when I'm having a flare up what to do, and what not to do. It took me a while to work out what foods to avoid and how to manage my symptoms. When I'm suffering from constipation I swap my morning porridge for a yoghurt and a banana as well. Good luck with your next appointment and keep us posted. Take care Kerry xx

  • Thanks for your comments. I have felt so much better this week by keeping a careful eye on what I am eating. I shall post the outcome of my appointment on 16th.

  • Hi,only just read your post and can totally sympathise with the problems you have been experiencing,especially with regards to the bowels.unfortunately after major surgery, bowel problems are almost inevitable. During my debaulking surgery last May, part of the bowel was removed ,the surgeon advised me that it would take at least 6 mths for the bowel to get back to normal. However, the chemo I started in August further complicated the problem, but fortunately a couple of days of Movicol sorted the constipation.

    It is only just now that I can say that all back to normal, but have to be careful of any goods that are too highly spiced

    I too have experienced indigestion type pains, but understand that it may take up to 2 years for our bodies to readjust. After all the intrusive surgery!!

    Best of luck to you take care

    Much love JO xx

  • Thanks Jo, I feel reassured by everyone that everything is as normal as is possible.

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