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I hope everyone is as well as can be expected!

I have just been told by my oncologist that I will start Olaparib with Avastin, after scan showed progression of disease with more tumours in peritoneum. Does anyone have experience with this therapy? I have BRCA mutation in tumour but not in gene. Are there any of you ladies who can give me some insight into how long it can be expected to be effective and what side effects can be expected?

Any input would be appreciated!


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  • Hi Juliet. I have had Avastin ( about 9 years ago) and am currently on Olaparib but obv not experienced them together. With Avastin I experienced a remission of approx 4.5 years. Currently I am 3 years 9 months in remission. Side effects for me when I was on Avastin were minimal, the mainone being a 'snotty' nose and the need to go through half a box of tissues in one sitting! also nose bleeds and occasional headaches. As for Olaparib I experience bowel issues, sometimes having to make a dash for the loo and with 'loose' motions. I hnave to say I worked (and continue to work) ulltime on both treatments. I have the BRAC2 gene. I wish you well . Kathy xx

  • Good news Kathy glad you are doing well

  • Thanks Katmal - this is so encouraging to hear! I have actually been on Avastin since 2016 and have the same side effects plus the occasional nose bleeds. So, I think I can look forward to a longer remission that I had previously envisaged!


  • Hi Juliet if you switch over to the Ovacare website Annie H posted on her experience with Olarib recently and its all good

  • Thanks Suzuki!

  • Thanks Bluehen

    I have some abdominal pain at the moment, I presume as a result of tumours in abdomen, but could also be from a very sluggish bowel. Did you find that Olaparib takes away any pain as a result of the cancer?


  • Juliet55, I have felt less discomfort since being on Olaparib. If I could figure out a way to be less weak, I would call it a wonderful alternative to other treaments.

  • Thanks Bluehen !


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