Morning to you all, I'm so thankful for this contact we have. I was asking about reflux last week. It progressively got worse, so much my chemo has been postponed just for this week. The reflux was a nuisance. My lovely Oncologist prescribed increasing my anti sickness I did this and the change came in one to two days. The reflux is under control . Thankyou all for bieng there. Sending best wishes to all Claire x

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  • Hi Claire, great to hear that the reflux is under control so I 'm sending you a treat🍦 Best wishes Lorraine xx

  • Good for you, also avoid spicy foods and spices if you get a longing for them so best of luck for your next chemo

  • Hi MyLife1,You're probably already doing this-- my reflux was reduced tremendously by sleeping on an incline. Also, not eating anything for three hours before bedtime helped. That was hard for me as a "grazer" who eats small amounts ALL day long. So-- snacking on mixed, slightly salted nuts in the evening seemed helpful. Another thing that helped, as a lemonade drinker, I found that if I diluted it to half water, half lemonade I could still drink the stuff without getting pain or reflux. All the best to you, T

  • Thankyou ladies xx

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