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On standby for second chemo

Hello all, Has anyone else ever been on standby for chemo? Because there is no room in the day room I have to be in the ward for the first two times. Had first chemo three weeks ago and now they haven't got a bed for me on the ward and it could be any day moving into the future. Going frantic with worry as I know how important these first two chemos are and with everyday that goes by it dilutes the dose. My oncologist is on holiday until next Thursday 24th so I cannot get to talk to him. The CNS can only tell me that I will go in as soon as possible. What can I do?

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Sorry you're having this worry. It's dreadful to cope with this as well as all the other worry. Why don't you give Ruth or Susan a ring on the helpline. It's 0845 371 0554. They may have some ideas for you to follow up. All the best with this

Love Wendy xx


Hi Yes been in the same position and as you know I go to the same hospital. I was told in the end to ring in to the ward to find out what the bed situation was in the morning each day, and they said as soon as one becomes available they would ring me. When they did ring it was gone 7 in evening and advised that if I didn't take it there and then the bed would inevitably be taken up with an emergency admission during the night and I would loose it. So of course I took it. Sadly this seems to be a common occurrence here just not enough chairs and or bed space. I did write to my MP and spoke to PALs about this but didn't get far with it. I do know they do outreach chemo clinic are any of them done near you?

Kris x


This has shocked me to the core. What a way to go on Kris.... . Just when a person is at their lowest. Surely, something needs doing. Did your MP write back to you? T xx


Hi Lovis.

These are the areas covered by outreach clinics.

This service is closely linked with the outpatient department. Clinics delivering chemotherapy, blood products and other supportive treatments are available in four outreach clinics located in Stowmarket, Hadleigh, Aldeburgh and Felixstowe.

This service is run by the chemotherapy outreach nurse specialist and staff from the day unit rotate into the outreach services.

Not sure if you can access these but may be worth asking


Hi, Thank you for your reply. they have just phoned up to say I can go in tonight at 7.00 so hopefully all will be ok now. Lovis xxx


Hi Lovis... are you saying you have to have chemo at 7 in the evening? T xx


Hi Tina, What will happen is your admitted into a ward bed and the following day the chemo will be given as an inpatient . This of course is wrong because you effectively take up an admission bed for chemotherapy, but its the only way of getting back into the system when the day treatment is full and they are unable to find you a seat. Yes my MP Tim Yeo replied it was basically a freedom of information letter saying what the situation is at Ipswich which highlighted their are times when they effectively don't have space to treat everyone. His response was "as you can see work is on going to try an address the current capacity issues and to help streamline treatments" that he wrote to me in Oct 2013 so clearly they are still having capacity problems.


So it means staying overnight. That seems silly and puts an added risk of acquired infections, doesn't it? T xx


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