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Need some advice please


Hi, I recently had a ta and tv ultrasound as I have been having pelvic pain, back pain, urinary frequency, constipation, bloating and tiredness. Both ovaries were totally obscured by gas/bowel activity. There was a 10mm intramural fibroid and two poorly defined hypoechoic lesions within the myometrium. Does anyone think I need to have further tests or another ultrasound to check the ovaries. I did request a CA125 test which came back as 10. I would be grateful for any advice.

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Hi mitch,

I certainly think that you need more tests to find out what exactly is wrong, you should go back to your wishes love x G x

Hi Mitch

If I were you, I would check out the BEATonline symptom checker on the Ovacome website, fill it in for a few days, a will have more info to take to the next appointment. I think you need more of a check but you need more info to take with you too. There is lots of info, including the symptom checker, on the website I hope it helps. I know what a worrying time this is - it takes a while to get a clear picture sometimes. I had three scans before the picture became clear, but then my CA125 was 545 by that stage, so it may be another cause that's making you uncomfortable. Hope it is something less than OC.

Love Wendy xx


Hi .. And welcome. I have no idea what you have though you seem to be informed about symptoms and tracking methods. Why not see your GP? That might help. X


Have you got an appointment with a gynaecologist soon? Your symptoms warrant further tests, and also would think there is a need to find out more about the hypoechoic lesions in the myometrium. A CT scan would clarify more than an ultrasound, especially as they could not see the ovaries. It is more accurate.

Good luck.

Eileen xx

mitch1 in reply to drdu

Hi, thank you all for your comments, I saw a Gynaecologist yesterday. He has suggested I need to have a Laparoscopy to investigate further. He has also booked me to have another ultrasound this week, hopefully this one will be more clear. Thanks again for all your advice.

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I can never understand why CT scans are not being performed instead of the ultrasound. Ok I know there are radiation risks associated with scans but surely once an ultrasound is inconclusive then a CT should be done asap thereafter even though your CA tests are very good. This is just my view though. Good luck love Sandra and Paul xx

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