Laparoscopy day

Well I have arrived and now worrying there gonna send me home! The nurse on the ward said I should have rung yesterday. I did ring and leave a message but no one rang me back. I am much better but still got a cough. I been told I got to wait now to be checked over but could be an hour! But at least I am here fingers crossed I allowed to stay and get it over with. I'm not the only one coughing so fingers crossed they don't send me home!


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  • Good luck Tracey!


  • Good luck for today Tracey xx

  • I hope you don't have long to wait and how infuriating that no one picked up your message.

    You rang - they missed it. That's not your fault.

    Hope it goes ahead

    Clare xx

  • It looks like lap won't be happening I told the tube going down could bring on asthma attack & be very dangerous. Said he not happy to treat me for six wks at least!

    I now waiting for def answer but looks like I be going home! I going to be on vitamin c now everyday till next op date. Not sure if I plsed or not! Feeling fed up x

  • At least they have a good reason to delay but disappointing for you.

    Sometimes things are just meant to happen at a different time - or does that sound silly?!

    If it's not going ahead you must treat yourself somehow

    Thinking of you


  • Hi Clare

    I'm going to get a Big Mac lol I not been working much so a treat won't happen today lol. But I settle for a Big Mac x

    Got 4-6 wks wait now prob b more than six wks!

    Still I get to go back and rescue the Easter eggs in my car!

    Thanks for messaging back 之

  • I'm sure if it is at all possible they will carry out your procedure however they need to make sure that you are as well as you possibly can be before they will do any surgery. 鳶鳶領巳x Jane

  • Hi

    Just seen the registra she was very kinda as I apologised for coming in etc she said not to worry. Said it will be four to six wks now and they will reschedule me. She said better to wait and be safe than to go ahead. She said the infection will take 4-6 wks to get out my system x I know best to be safe but another 6 wks wait!

  • Better safe than sorry; I don't think they'd cancel the operation lightly, Hope you don't have too long to wait. I suppose you've hadn't nothing to eat all morning......

  • No I just home and my dogs happy to see me once there calm I get a coffee. The Big Mac will have to wait lol

    At least in six or so wks I know what to expect when I go again!

    之 x

  • Good luck, hope all goes well x

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