Hello All!

I had decided during my treatment that I would do my bit to raise awareness once I was finished treatment! I began writing something and dipped in and out over the last few weeks! Once I thought it was readable I sent it to the local paper and honestly thought that was the end of it but they published it today!!! Weird reading it but if one woman reads it and gets themselves sorted then it's worth it!!!

Have a look!



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53 Replies

  • Brilliant! What's newspaper it is? I could put that on my web as well, what do you think?

  • Absolutely Zaneta! Its the Connacht Telegraph!

    Hope you are well! I am guessing you are waiting on results which is not easy so I hope you are ok.


  • In my experience the problem can be with doctors, not patients. When I look at the symptoms I presented to my GPs over a year, along with my repeated statement that I had a familial history of OC, I feel mildly irritated!

  • Absolutely Rachel and that's what I was trying to say when I said to keep going until you are happy that it is being investigated properly! I was very lucky and had a great GP who spotted it instantly and referred me to a Gyne Onc before I saw any other consultant but I know that it not the norm!


  • Wow well done you... I've thought of putting pen to paper to write about the things you discover when your having treatment that only someone who's been through it would know but I'm rubbish at stringing sentences together lol

  • If you sit down and put your mind to it, perhaps a few pages a day, you can come up with something. You blog very well so that is a starter, I can see it just flowing, if you try!!!

  • Thank you... I do wish I could write something worth reading... It's the little things you come across when your battling Oc that they don't tell you about... Would so love to help others as we all do on this site 😍😍

  • well done you!! a wonderful article. I hope lots of women read and heed your advice.

    xxx Jeanette

  • How fantastic, great job and well done for both writing and bring published.

    Clare x

  • Fantastic Dee, well done to you,

    L x

  • Very well done, this is what we need, let's get ourselves heard and become one big voice. I've been doing this for most of my cancer journey and it's great to hear what everyone else is also doing. I always thought lots of us were doing this but not telling. I hope your treatment is a big success and you get a really long remission. Thank you so much, big teal hugs Gilly xxx

  • Fantastic! Good for you!! xxxx

  • Good on you girl! Given me inspiration, just need to have the nerve to put pen to paper,don't always have the way with words,

    Well done Hun

    Carole xxx

  • Hi there .. Would it be ok to have the link.. ? I can't enlarge the piece on my iPad!

    Love and hugs xxx

  • Hey Tina!

    The paper concerned only has a subscription based online presence so I cant get a link for you! I looked to see if I could send a better attachment in a message but I cant! If you have an email address I will send it to you?? Message me if you want me to do that!


  • Thanks! I'll do that now! Xxx

  • Can you e-mail it to me as well? I'd love to read it. E-mail is


  • Done!


  • Thank you! I'm going to read it right now

  • Hi, could you email to me? Thanks Angela

  • Just sent it on Angela!


  • Brilliant! Well done ❤️

  • Well done D xx

  • Well done. 🌻😘😘

  • Good on you Dee.

  • Well done! You're absolutely right that even one woman will be worth it.

  • Brill. I hope you are proud of yourself in all sorts of ways xx

  • Well done Dee x

  • Brilliant!! :-) xxxxxx

  • Congrats!

  • Well done Dee. I have only signed in now as I have been unwell today and am unable to read it on tablet, but I will read it tomorrow on the computer. Be very proud of yourself .Kittie😀

  • Ah thanks Kittie!

    I hope your a bit better this evening! Mind yourself!


  • Wow. This is amazing. Sadly I can't enlarge enough to read only the intro so if you don't mind emailing to me also I'd love that. It's

    I too am a writer. Have published one book (a music bio) and do music journalism all the time. Or I did until the OC cancer started this summer. Then everything ground to a halt and I just couldn't even think of putting pen to paper. I had a bit of a nightmare wait before my treatment started and was in a lot of pain so no wonder. Good news is am now 4 chemos in and starting to feel so much better. The creative spark is back and am working on a novel begin before this thing but it's already transforming into something else because of the mind/life changing journey I'vd been sent on! It's gonna hopefully be a story that can help a lot of people. Sorry didn't mean to write so much! Can't wait to read your piece and well done again! And to all other ladies out there toying with writing/publishing etc do it! It's such a wonderful, positive way to channel some of that energy. Words have so much power as we know.

    Love Mary xx

  • Hey Mary!

    I have sent that on to you now! Fair play to you writing a book the prospect of that would just frighten the life out of me! Good on you!

    Hope you are well and good luck with the novel!


  • Well done, it's women like you that are doing such a good job for ovarian cancer. X

  • Hey Trix!

    Hope you're doing OK!


  • Well done Dee, I hope GPs read this and think twice before sending you away with pain killers, or misdiagnosed with IBS as in my case. This hopefully make more women aware also.

    Ellsey xx

  • Well done you. Ann x

  • Fair play to you.. Is it the Connaught?

    You look great 😀

  • Thanks Damelza!

    Yes its in the Connaught!

    Hope you are feeling better today! You are nearly there!!


  • Yes, thanks D, I do feel better. I am nearly there, cant believe it.

    Best wishes

  • Brilliant article well done x

  • Fantastic to see your words and photo in print. The article will be useful for other women and also be a fine example of what good medicine, good care and determination can do.

    Lots of love. Lxx

  • I would live to read it also if you could email me too at I am a 3 1/2 year survivor of OC!

  • Just sent it to your email!


  • Just fantastic. So proud of you. I hope u know how brave, strong and courageous you are. Well done you. Lorraine

  • Right back at ya Lorraine! Wouldn't have gotten through it without your wisdom! Thanks a mill!


  • What a wonderful, heartfelt article.....and, so well written! I'm sure you will have saved some lives by women reading it and getting diagnosed sooner rather than later. Good for you!

    Best to you.....JudyV

  • WTG you, excellent article, you'll not only inspire women to follow up their symptoms and push their GP's, I think it will also help those in the early stages of dx to realise that their is life after a cancer dx. Those early days when all you can see is the end of your existence is the most difficult time and to know that 'yes it's shit' but you can do this and come out the other side a stronger happier being, will hopefully ease their pain and help them complete the journey. :-)

    Wishing you a fantastic future :-)


  • Good for you -we have to get the word out there xxx

  • Wahoo - well done that girl! Xx

  • Really well done - like the positive spin and what you've learned on this journey you didn't choose.

  • Well done D, a great article for OC awareness, could you email it to me too please, We are gone very quiet down here in Cork at the moment about OC. Ovacare have some fab new leaflets so when in for an xray two weeks ago, I left some in Outpatients. I feel there is no awareness of Ovacare where I attend so will get more at the coffee morning and give them around. It would be a good idea for all of us to follow in your foot steps to be honest.

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