Suspected OC very frightened

Hi 2 weeks ago on holiday masseur discovered abdominal mass. Have been to GP who said suspected OC am being sent for tests am very frightened. Have been unwell for about 12 months nausea, back & stomach pain Gp was uninterested ended up with either IBS or perimenopause. Am now v scared of is in late stages and incurable. I can't wait 2 weeks to see specialist! Should I go to a & e as DM now experiencing some pain. If I wait to see specialist will I get tests and results on same day? How long until diagnosis As lump/tumour must be getting bigger all the time it's ALL I can feel now. Any advice much appreciated am very scared feel sick can't sleep/eat don't know what to do.

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  • if you are in pain then go to a & e. I had similar pains and a swollen belly. I was booked into to see hernia doc (thought it was hernias). But in the end I couldn't wait and took myself to a & e. You probably won't get any results the same day though although you will get a scan. I had a scan one day and saw the doc the next day who gave me the bad news. The next day I saw member of oncology team who explained things in more detail, then sent home and more waiting for a week and a half to see consultant. You will probably get a scan the same day if you go to a & e and you won't have to wait as long to find out what is going on. Good luck x

  • Hello thank you for replying to me it is scary out here! Can't believe I didn't realise this mass was there now it's ALL I can feel like it's moving. I'm just worried if it is pain or if it's psychosomatic but if I press on the lump it does hurt. So frightened.

  • I have been unwell too but a lot longer than you the same nausea and pain and Dr assuming I have IBS or its menopausal or a urine infection.clothes are tighter over stomach and pain never goes away.robbed off by doctors.

  • Hello yes I know how you feel. How are you now?

  • Hi I'm still the same.each day is never-ending pain.have times when I feel hot and stomach is more swollen now than its ever been.hopefully Dr tomorrow will take me seriously.having to chase up hospital appointment.

  • Sorry to hear that but go armed with information. On the nhs sites you can print off info about fibroids, womb and ovarian cancer to make sure at least your gp rules them in or out. Don't get robbed off again I know they are disinterested because these type of symptoms can sometimes be anything. Ask them to eps,one your stomach as well that's very important. You need yo use now given you are so poorly. Please do let me know how you get on x

  • Hi Pagetrose,

    If you don't feel that your GP is taking you seriously - and hasn't been for a long time - maybe you should try switching to another GP. Also, you could give the Ovacome support line a call for some advice. The number is 0845 371 0554.

  • Hi Andrew

    I have already switched Dr in February cos not taken seriously.lost faith although this one has referred me finding it hard to have faith and trust anymore

  • Hi there

    So sorry that you are going through this.

    I also had a massive mass that I thought was my stomach muscles getting a bit slack....was a size 8 at the time. I was eventually diagnosed with a borderline tumor ie a non invasive cancer and nearly six years on am still here and fine. Like you once I was told it was there I became really conscious of it. Big does not necessarily mean that it is even cancerous or advanced , is my understanding.

    The waiting is the very very worst part . If your pain gets really bad of course of to A and e , cysts can twist and do strange things. But you may just get sent home and told to wait for your appointment though.

    Try to keep as busy as you can and have lots of treats between now and then. I really hope that all goes well for you let us know how you get on.

    Love and hugs xxxx

  • Thank you x

  • Hi thank you so much for your reply. I'm so glad I found this forum I feel less alone and a little less scared. I went for a long walk with husband and digs earlier and actually was able to put things aside for a little but but that knawing feeling stays with you. I will play the waiting game for now and post again. Glad you are well after everything x

  • Hi Ladies, I think perhaps its time to remind your gps that they have a duty of care to you and dont get fobbed off, ask for an emergency gynae referral and that will make them sit up and take notice. OC can be very vague, nausea, constipation, bloating etc and can have similar symptoms to IBS. So its your life and your bodies so if you feel you are not being listened to make noise. It may be IBS in the end but its better to be sure than sorry. I dont mean to frighten you but you need to take charge here.

  • Hi Suzuki I think the problem is I didn't know to ask for a gynaecologist referral urgent or otherwise and go not interested n symptoms until my mass was discovered. Not sure others do either. As I understand it that's why OC is such late diagnosis. When I put my symptoms into internet I got IBS and menopause! Same as gp decided. It's very difficult at that early stage and you are reliant on your gp. GP's need to be better educated about OC.i read somewhere a gp might see OC once in 5 years.

  • That is quite true and here in Ireland, there are moves afoot to make gps more aware of OC symptoms, I understood such a move was also in UK. I believe some gps refuse to believe that younger people can also get OC, its rare but it happens. There is a blood test you can ask for, its not totally reliable but together with a ct scan it can give the gynae a clearer picture of what is going on. This test is called CA 125 and can be done at your gps office. Your problem may well be something else. I have OC for many years and it is manageable so far, I suppose thinking back, I had pain if I bent down and my tummy was swollen and I was constipated, I was lucky, I went to my gp and he had me in hospital that afternoon, I had blood tests and scans and the general surgeon referred me to the gynae. So things took off from there. But I know of people whose gp put symptoms down to ibs, but if you have a lump which I did, the docs should be more cautious.

  • Hi I have had my CA 125 test done this morning and have to wait a week for the results. I am seeing my gp again this afternoon as I have loads of questions but as soon as he mentioned cancer I went totally blank. I never realised I had a mass until a masseuse discovered it. I thought I had put on weight and my stomach muscles had gotten slack. Of course now it all looks totally different in the context of CA. I am glad to hear you are managing your OC. Do you mind me asking what stage you were at when diagnosed and if you had a mass like me? It has been suggested to me my mass may be fibroids but all the symptoms for fibroids & OC are very similar. Thanks X

  • When first op was borderline and second one with total hysterectomy was malignant but my chemo was my insurance policy so I didnt ask re staging. It could well be that you have fibroids but at least now you are on the road to getting answers. I sympathise with you, I would have my mind made up of questions but of course I dont ask them all and that can be very frustrating. The cancer was clear on left hand side but that is where it came back on recurrence. They couldnt take whole ovary as it was attached to a major blood vessel.

  • Hi I will get my CA 125 results now on Wednesday. Saw go this afternoon again he says because of where the mass is (it's large) he is thinking OC or womb cancer. Have now been told will see urgent gynae this week and ultra sound. Am still distressed but wheels are in motion. I will have to deal whatever comes. Am heartened to read stories on here about women who have dealt with this and recovered and live with OC. At the moment I feel like I want a total hysterectomy I just want it all out!

  • Beautiful hot sunny day today but sitting outside too hot and made me nauseous.pain intolerable.can't function.

  • Hi I know how you feel me too except I'm inside waiting for the phone to ring for my ca125 result. How for your doc appt go? X

  • No results today apparently Friday! Am so cross they told me today as the wait is killing me also no ultra sound or gynae appt yet either it's so frustrating. Been 5 days now since told suspected OC yet nothing is happening. How does anyone cope with all this stress? I can't go yo work I can't concentrate and I'm trying to keep myself busy but it's killing me and my husband.

  • It just happened again.Hate using tablet.computerless at sorry you hadn't got your results.ca125 isn't 100%reliable.mine was 37at lowest but above range yet didn't consider any reason for it if not OC.I really feel for you.I think they get delight in making us pain again today,

  • You said you had a GP appt how did you get on? You also mentioned a hospital appt? Sorry to hear you are not doing so well. Keep posting so we can support you X

  • Said she had a letter from gastroenterologist but didn't show me it.and you don't have cancer.letter said no evidence of weight loss but he never asked me anything discussed anyhing as had no referral letter then he had nerve to look at my notes and jump to conclusions.

  • You are so lucky your Dr has taken you seriously.from day one my assumed everything and refused to acknowledge anything else,three years on still the same dismissals.the A&E Dr told me she couldn't feel any mass yet my stomach is 45"and increasing.lost weight elsewhere hips legs arms to tune of stone and a stomach is solid mass sore and lumpy still get "I can't feel anything"

    .in so much h pain today if still bad tomorrow then going to A&E .my gp only works once again nuzzling and sniffing my pelvic area,.hope you get your results and appointment come thru soon.

    What do we have to do to get taken seriously?one dr decides omething be it right or wrong and no other will consider real symptoms etc.

  • You must go straight to a & e don't delay. My doc only listened now I have huge stomach mass didn't listen before. You will get an ultrasound at a & e at the least which is what you need. Get that letter. My dogs put their paws on my stomach breaks my heart. Please go to a & e and let me know how you get on X

  • Hate it when this happens.three times I've gone to reply to catspelie and lost it half way thru.

  • Try again!

  • Catspelie.I'm sending you a message.

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