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I was WAY too optimistic

Hello again all. Welp, surgery was last Friday. Refresher, I was the silly patient who planned to return to work on Monday after a Friday ovary/cyst removal. Bah-hah-hah, boy was I wrong! I think my age (54) probably played a lot into it. The pain has been significant, but I have only taken 3 oxycodone and 2 800 mg ibuprofens. Just not a fan of meds; not trying to be a hero. Surgery went well. Immediate-read frozen section of cyst was negative; waiting on full biopsy results. Was supposed to also have a D&C but surgeon couldn't dilate the cervix; said too much scar tissue. Does anyone have experience with that issue? I have always been healthy -- no STDs, etc. just history of cysts on cervix, so maybe that caused it. 4 incisions, of which the largest (belly-button) has been the worst. The other 3 don't hurt at all. Thanks to everyone who has chatted with me; it has helped greatly. Best wishes to all who are battling issues MUCH worse than just a silly ovarian cyst. Hugs to all.

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I have 4 incisions from a hysterectomy & cyst removal last Tuesday and it's only the belly button one that hurts on me - think that's the one the camera goes in! I'm now on 1 paracetamol 4 times a day, not for pain relief, but so I don't drop down to no drugs. Normally I rarely take any tablets for anything so 4 a day is a big thing for me. I don't know how hard a cyst removal is on your body, but would saying planning to go back to work 3 days after surgery was ambitious! All I can say is listen to your body, relax when you need to (a strange concept to us busy women I know!), keep moving and keep up the fluids and you'll soon be feeling back to normal.

Take care


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I had ultra radical surgery so was in hospital for 16 days after the op. There were women on my ward that had hysterectomy with keyhole and they struggled with trapped wind, pain and sickness. Your body has been through a difficult time and you need to give it time to rest and heal. I think returning to work so quickly was more than ambitious. Take care and return when you are ready. Listen to your body. Xxx

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So far so good it seems, which is great. My first surgery was cyst removal key hole, and had two weeks off work in the end, I was in my mid 40's. So maybe not age but just our body's complaining about invasion lol



Hi, I had laparoscopic removal of a 'cyst' when I was a healthy & fit 40 year old. It did prove trickier than anticipated (by the consultant) and yes took a while to recover from- at the time, I described it as feeling like I'd been kicked by a horse!! Please be kind to yourself, you will recover- try to walk a little and often as hunching over any pain, although natural, can slow things down a little. I don't take pain medication very willingly but learned that finding the right combination as a preventative measure was better than boom-bust cycle. It will only be for a short time- perhaps your GP can offer alternative medication that suits you better??

You've some great news to hold onto and I hope more good news to come. Take good care of you in the meantime- a slightly slower but complete recovery is a good result to aim for! Best wishes, Sx


Good news for you Sue!

Funnily enough the keyhole ladies on my ward complained of pain much more than us ' zipper up the middle' gals.

( I think they doped us to keep us quiet)

L xx


I remember that post and felt you were indeed optimistic. You have to take it day by day small steps and look work will do without you while you recover so take it nice and easy dont be in a big rush to get back into the bad world. I wish you well in your recover and luckily you dont need further treatment. Wishing you well


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