Letrozole not working ... back to chemo

Hi everyone, not very good news on the scans yesterday with tumours increasing from about 30-40 mm to 50-75mm in 2 months so the Letrozole doesn't seem to be helping. It was worth a try but very disappointed. Now it's back to carboplatin initially as a single agent for 3 cycles with the hope that this will reduce the size and prevent looming bowel blockages. On the bright side I'm feeling well, no symptoms, and looking forward to seeing the lovely nurses in the treatment room!

With very best wishes to all. Keep up the fight! Dawn

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  • Very glad you're feeling well and not suffering symptoms! Tesla

  • Very sorry to hear your scan results but onwards and upwards with the carboplatin and wishing you all the very best xx

  • It's so full of ups and downs this rotten disease so hoping that the carbo does the job and your next result will be an 'up'. Keep strong and positive and sending love and support! X☺️

  • Hi Dawn

    Sorry to hear the recent drug didn't work but there is a new plan and you are feeling well . I wish you well and pray that you have a good response to Carbo. Take care


  • It's good you're not suffering from any symptoms; it makes it easier to enjoy life. Best wishes the carbo does it's work.

  • Thank you everyone, your support it so much appreciated.

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