Making a mountain out of nothing?

As I said in a previous post I had a slightly raised csa125 but as I know I have fibroid(s) I wasnt overly concerned - had MRI and got a call from a nurse at the hospital who said they wanted me to have a CT even though she said there was nothing suspicious. I asked why I needed it if there was nothing suspicious and she said they needed more info before deciding on what treatment. To be honest, I was meant to have a hysterectomy several years a go but my anxiety stopped me, so what treatment? BTW the scan showed fibroid and a cyst on an ovary.

Anyhow, at the end of the call she said "a bit of a random question but do you smoke?" I replied that I hadnt in 20 years and she said she asked because of the CT. Not sure what to make of that - do they ask you if you smoke before doing a CT??

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  • Hi, I have to say I have never been asked if I smoked. Always being asked if I could be pregnant...... 58 and had a radical hysterectomy..... always makes me want to say something really sarcastic but I don't. Hope you get answers from your MRI and CT soon, Kathy xxx

  • Thank you for the reply.....I would want to say something sarcastic too - for people who have your health information at the tap of button you would think they would read it before asking silly questions!

  • Just had my letter arranging CT. They are wanting to scan my Thorax Abdomen and Pelvis.

    Slightly concerned about the Thorax bit especially as she asked me if I smoked. Going to have stop my mind from going in to over drive.

  • My scan included thorax-maybe it is routine?

  • My scans usually include thorax. Di Ps I've never smoked

  • Thanks ladies for the replies - hearing you both had the same is reassuring. I suppose it makes sense especially when they do a physical on my tum they say it feels like a 40 week pregnancy.

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