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Set back

I was supposed to have cycle 2 of second line Caelyx/Carboplatin today. But blood test revealed low blood counts - I am anaemic and neutropenic so I have to be careful around groups of people. My oncologist thinks bloods will right themselves and I should be ok for next Monday. She did talk about adjusting the Caelyx dose. I am very disappointed but not really surprised as I haven't felt right (not that I really remember what it is to feel 'right' anymore!) lately.

I had thought that a 4 week gap would give plenty of time for recovery between treatments especially at the start. Which concerns me that maybe I will not be able to tolerate this treatment and wonder what would be next for me. I would be interested to hear about the experiences of others who have been/are on this chemo combo. I am Stage 4 high grade serious.

Best wishes to everyone for whatever stage they are at

Janine xxx

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Hi Janine

It's so natural to speculate what if? What if? But it sounds like your body just needs a bit of time to get your bloods right and you will be off and going again. I certainly experienced a number of delays..particularly after my surgery but ended up NED after initial stage 4 diagnosis. Try to enjoy the intermission (stay away from buggy environments!) but the weather is good today- maybe head out and enjoy the spring?


Hi Janice. I am on Carboplatin3 weekly. I have had problems like you I seem to have to have a week off between each one at the mo. I had such a big gap last year October the Oncologist had to start all 6 again . I am due my 3rd on 21st. My bloods have come back bad the red and white cells. There was talk of injections but that never happened. I found out accidently that my last chemo almost 3 weeks ago had been reduced by 15% ...still had horrible sickness etc!! So having my previous chemo blood test Friday see Oncologist Monday and pray I get the chemo Tues IF bloods are ok but I'm not too hopeful. It's a pain as I just want to be finished . Hope you get sorted !! xx


hi Janine, i too am on my 2nd line on this mix, 2 days after my first dose i started being sick and after 24hrs of non stop vomiting found myself back on ward for a 6hr drip. I too thought monthly sounds much better than weekly as i was for first line. Having bloods 2 days before next treatment at end of month,am scared like you that not going to tolerate this,have high grade serous like you.Onc said there were further options but didn't ask at this stage what they would be. Hope your bloods improve and you can crack on


Hi Janine, sorry to hear you are poorly, yes the bloods will come up again and everything should be okay for your treatment. Rest, exercise in moderation and green veggies and liver if you can manage that. all the best


Hi I am currently on this for fifth line, also had it for third line couple of years ago and both times had problems with bloods and delays. It is well known for hitting bloods hard so don't be too worried. I completed third line fine in the end if only a bit longer than anticipated. Keep strong ...thinking of you .


I have had low bloods on my fourth which had to be deferred for a week. Should of had sixth cycle yesterday but white blood count was low. Also had reaction to caelyx, hands turning red no pain but chemo has been deferred till next week .onc said it is normal on this regime for low blood or reaction to delayed chemo for a week. On my first line I had low bloods on first Teo treatments then sailed through the rest of the course. Hope everything improves in time for your next treatment. X


Hope all goes well for you xxx


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