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Surgery this week

Following an appointment with a specialist today my sister is scheduled for surgery on Wednesday. Initial staging is a 4 because of the ascitis but could be downgraded to a 3 once everything is out and looked at. A stoma has been mentioned as a worst case scenario. The other thing she was told is it could have been there for many years and suddenly accelerated. Praying for a good outcome, she is relatively young, fit and determined and we are 100% supporting her.

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Wishing her well for Wed: it's a scary time however soon there will be a firm diagnosis and a treatment plan. That will make next steps clearer and she, and you, will know what will happen next.

Recovery from surgery is the next thing, rest, rest and more rest. Then I expect a clear plan of what and when things will happen.

Take care and please pass on my best wishes to her and to you as caring support is so good too.

Just listen and let her talk , I found early on I had to say to my lovely husband "Stop saying it will be ok !, just listen to me when I talk and be here for me"! As on the rare occasions I voiced my concerns I just wanted to be heard, I didn't need platitutes , however well meaning! I do realise that maybe that was MY reaction though and may not be hers, may be worth asking her how she wants this taken forward?

It's natural for people to want to say 'it will be ok" but in reality we can't, that's not to be scary, it's just the truth. That conversation was good for us both and allowed us to be open and supportive .

Be there and don't forget your stress levels too

Clare xx


Fingers crossed for you and your sister...hope it all goes well! Keep us posted won't you? Xx Lyndy

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Being young with no other underlying health problems she is in the best position to beat this. There are powerful therapies to wage in the war against this disease. Best to you all. Tesla

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Good luck and best wishes for op tomorrow... when my rumour was removed they says mine has been there for years too... I have finished chemo and I am now no evidence of disease having my sixth month check in April 🤗


I agree with Tesla and Choski - good advice to take on board. Best wishes.


Surgery has taken place. Waiting for a friend to pop in and see her this afternoon to find out more about how she's doing. Will also know then if a Stoma was necessary. Been told she had a comfortable night but I am sure she won't be wanting too many visitors for a few days. Just praying they got it all and anything microscopic can be zapped by Chemo.


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