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Anxiously waiting

Hello fellow Warriors, since I was successful with my first attempt in posting, I thought I will post Onother one, 2weeks ago I finished my chemo treatment carbo/taxol for 6cycles and had Avastin added with my 5th & 6th sessions. I had my cat scan a few days ago and had an appointment to see my consultant oncologist next Thursday for the result. I'm so nervous and find it hard to sleep thinking about it.. I'm sure so many of you ladies been there done that and wore the t-shirt! My oncologist told me I will be on avastin for Onother 16 cycles, which is every 3weeks. Sorry if I'm acting like a baby about waiting for the result.. Love you all and keep on fighting!! Xxxxx

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Hi Luchie.

We all get scanxiety. All of us. It's a worry. What will they find etc. We are all human and been through a lot. It's easy to say try not to worry but we do.

I'm sure you'll be fine. We are all here to listen and support and help.


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Hello Lovely,

The best advice I can offer you is the results will be what they are, there's nothing you or anybody can do about it other than continue on the next stage of your Teal journey, easier said than done but try not to worry about it until you need to worry as the less stress that you have the better you will be.

I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason wether that be good or bad we've all been bought together on this site to help each other through our own personal journeys wether that be a supporter of someone like myself or going through this horrible disease like yourself we can all make friends and share our own experiences and get the word out there and make the world aware of this illness much more than it already is now.

People need to be aware it's very much like IBS but if nobody is sure get a 2nd opinion.



Hi Luchie

Of course you're not being a baby! This hard stuff and we never know what's going to happen next. But you're in good hands and your team is on whatever the results are there will be a plan xx Lyndy

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Oh my goodness you're not being a baby. Most of us, even me Mrs Positive,, have an occasional wobble and that's totally allowed!!

We put a lot of hope and trust in our treatment and we are bound to have nerves. Accept you are nervous and TRY to put it behind you as nerves can bring stress and you've a whole week to try not to hold on to additional stress.

Say to yourself "I'm nervous What can I do about it?"/ If the answer is "just to acknowledge it" - which it probably will be, then let yourself know that you're not able to do anything else to change it - then really try to put it to one side.

You matter and we are with you too

Clare xx


You're not acting like a baby, it's natural to worry somewhat while waiting for results. Doubtless you realise that whatever is showing on the scan is already showing on the scan and no amount of worry will make one iota of difference to that result. It's a shame that we have to wait to find out that result but I suspect a lot of work has to be done to interpret the scan; perhaps also comparing it with previous scans and then determining the course of action.........but, if only we could know instantly it would take away quite a bit of worrying!

All the best for next Thursday!


Luchie you are certainly not alone in the worry department. It's very natural having been through what you already have so be kinder to yourself. I wish you all the best for your scan results and your upcoming app with your Onc. Keep us posted as to how you get on.

Jemima xx

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Hi Luchie, You are sooooooo human! If you weren't anxious I'd wonder what's wrong with you!!!. The greatest learning from my ovarian cancer battle is, after a lifetime of worry, I have finally stopped worrying. It got so bad that I couldn't enjoy the fact that I was still alive and fighting. Exhausted, I just woke up one day and realized that worry was killing me, not the cancer. Yes, it took quite awhile and a serious strategy to get to this point. But now, I've truly set myself free to enjoy every minute of my life. I continue to do everything I can possibly do to stay healthy. That is all I CAN do. I'm currently NED and no longer worrying about how long that may or may not last. I've processed the grief of this disease. I will not allow it to ruin the rest of my days. Just live each precious moment NOW and take one small step at a time. You are not alone here. We all understand. Love to you, Tesla


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