Scan clear!!, (I was expecting the worst after several rises in CA125) I will be staying on Avastin every 3 weeks as before. Blood test and another visit to see oncologist in 3 weeks, just hope CA125 not rising to much. Off to UK for a short visit to see my daughter who is having twins on the 9th of March (unless they come earlier!!) am looking forward to a bit of joy for a change xx

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  • Great News Jeanette!

    Enjoy your break and may your cup runneth over with Joy!!!


  • thanks Dxx

  • Good news. Enjoy your visit to your daughters


  • Fantastic! Hope all goes well with the twins!

  • Great news! I love reading posts like this it really helps to hear positive news! X

  • That's so good! Have a great day - and a great trip! x

  • Great news Jeanette, just shows how the CA125 can lead us up the garden path!! Enjoy your time with your Daughter xx

  • Good news on two counts! As a fellow CA125 rise person I'm glad for you. Enjoy the new grandchildren - fantastic to get two in one go.

    All the best to you and your daughter

    Netti x

  • Good news , I was wondering how you got on and just saw your post. Awaiting photo of you with babies - how exciting 💐

    Clare xx

  • very exciting, camera packed!!

  • That's really good news ... enjoy your break away 🎉

  • Awesome! I am so very happy to hear your great news! Enjoy your trip and your time with your family! New grand-twins too! What a joyful time!

  • That is so wonderful!!!! Enjoy your visit with your daughter. Kim xx

  • Well done you it always gives me hope when I read stories like yours, enjoy the twins granny love Jenny xx

  • A big thank you to all of you who replied do my post, it is quite overwhelming. I know so so many of you are going through this hell, but I wish everyone a positive outcome on this journey we travel together xxxx

  • That's great news. Best wishes for the birth of the twins, not long now.

  • Absolutely fantastic news Jan - now go and enjoy your trip to see your daughter. Happy times indeed xx

  • Fantastic news!!! Go and enjoy yourself.. Good luck and best wishes to your daughter for having twins.. Xxx

  • Fantastic news! Lovely to hear Onother teal warrior beat this horrible disease!! Go and enjoy yourself.. I just finished my treatment of carbo/taxol and had my cat scan 2days ago, so I'm waiting for the result next Thursday . Praying to God I will be in remission as well.. Xxx

  • Brilliant news! What did your ca125 go up to?

  • Hi Nicky, my CA125 was 400+ last blood test, so hopefully Avastin will keep it in check! xx

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