Hi, I do have celiac disease as well. However, my symptoms have changed being more like Oc symptoms , constant bloating and sense of fullness,Pressure , pain , missed period ( lesbian) not pregnant . Tired , frequent urination etc I have had thyroid cancer too twice and I am at high risk for developing ovarian cancer and breast cancer . Calling md today my symptoms mimic celiac but have definitely changed more to Oc symptoms anyone advice thoughts etc???

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  • Id deffinately get checked out ask doctor for a CA125 blood test this is a marker for OC. Hope you soon get sorted out.xx

  • Hi Lovely,

    Go back to the MD and don't leave until a scan is ordered they'll probably tell you the infamous diagnosis of IBS when you visit (some cases it can be) however most people on here it's not but a scan is the best way forward that and a CA125 however that doesn't work for all people being diagnosed with OC.


  • I think you're doing exactly the right thing to get yourself checked out - better to be safe. I'm sorry you find yourself here but welcome and i'm sure you'll find this group of wonderful people helpful (but I hope you don't need us!). Sorry to hear you've already had such a rough ride. Thinking of you. Jemima xx

  • Sorry to hear that but I can only repeat the advice above. Get checked out and make sure you get a scan and a CA125 test, and get referred to a specialist. I hope it's not OC but you need to know x

  • Sorry to hear about your symptoms. Good you're talking to your md - & as others have suggested make sure you're being checked out for ovarian cancer too via blood tests and scans. Wishing you all the very best xxx Sundra

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