Smear test ?

Went for my 3 monthly appointment yesterday and all fine, CA125 stable at 12.

But I had received notification from GP that my routine smear text is due and asked the Consultant if I needed to have this done and apparently it is controversial. She is going to refer the questions to my surgeons to

1. See if required or

2. If this needs to be done at the hospital or at GP's

Have any of you ladies encountered this?

Keep well everyone xx

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  • I got a letter a couple of weeks ago telling me that smear tests are no longer appropriate for me as I "do not have a cervix" 😂 I did have everything and more removed in surgery though so I suppose it depends what your surgery was.

  • I'd check if you still have your cervix, mine was removed during the surgery so a smear test becomes unnecessary. The only upside to having had OC, there's always an upside 😊. Ask your GP if you still have your cervix. Glad everything else was good and your CA125 was stable, keep up the good work ❤xx Jane

  • I've been told by my surgeon that I won't need a smear test as I don't have cervix. Fingers crossed you won't need to have one.

  • Hi Bev155, I went to my GP for routine smear test and it was quite painful, never had been before. She checked my records from the hospital and found out my cervix had been removed with all the rest of my bits, so, as no cervix, no smear test needed. The pain was caused by that awful implement hitting scar tissue. Hope this helps 😀😀 Ann

  • Ouch!!

  • Hi Bev,

    I got a letter stating smear test no longer required,so I suppose it depends on your op and removal

    Carole x

  • hi i had a letter for a smear then followed by 3 " loud reminder" letters from my gp practice i did think to myself if you can find my cervix you can do a smear !!! but asked my consultant as even i was beginning to question if i needed one !!!!!

    turns out my cons said when you have a hystericalectomy your consultant has to inform the smear letter sending people that you no longer require one and then they leave you alone

  • I was advised to have a vault smear. I have no cervix but was on 10 year smears from 2010. Got ovc end of 2013. Was advised that if this year's vault smear is OK I might not need any more. Never heard of vault smear until 2014 .

  • Before being diagnosed with 3c high grade serous early 2013 and having had a hysterectomy in 1981, leaving one ovary and fallopian tube, I regularly had vault smears. I always felt quite smug that I couldn't get cervical cancer as I didn't have a cervix. It's interesting that I have had four lines of treatment and the main areas of tumours are in the vaginal cuff now. Ironic or what? Warm wishes to all Carole H x 😊

  • I was told that as I've had a full hysterectomy and all my previous smears were normal I wouldn't need another one ever. I no longer have a cervix to develop cancer after all.

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