Following on from my appointment last Wednesday I am now taking Trametinib on the LOGS trial. I took my first dose last Wednesday evening. It took me an hour to build up the courage to take first tablet - I can't explain it but I suddenly felt a bit scared.

The first couple of doses I felt a bit sick but that seems to be settling down a bit. I have to keep it in the fridge and take it at the same time every day on an empty stomach so no food for 2 hrs before and none for 1 hr afterwards.

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  • I'm so glad that everything is settling down. I can understand your trepidation. Xxx

  • Good to hear you've seemed to find it easier to stomach, understand your trepidation and you're doing great. Hope you find it ok to sticking to the empty tummy routine, I always find that hard!

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • Good luck on the wishes Linda xx

  • Hi there, good luck let's hope things carry on smoothly. Take care Cindyxx

  • Good luck stay positive xoxo

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