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round 3 update

hello ladies,

i thought i will let you all know what the latest is after all the overwhelming support i recieved last week. I spoke to Ruth last thursday and she like a lot of you felt that I should consider more treatment as there still was alot of options left. i had felt real dispair before all the comments on my last blog, but now feel i can face the music again. thanks so much ladies. Ruth gave some comforting information and I now realise that I can be referred to the Marsden etc if I am not happy with what my consultant says. I have an appt on Wednesday with my onc and will keep you all posted. Thanks again ladies - I really needed that support last week.

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Hi Parvin

Really glad that you are feeling clearer about what you want to do. I am sure that with the support of your family and friends, as well as your friends here on this site, you will get through the treatment. Best of luck with your appt on Wednesday.



Hi Parvin,

Glad to hear this and sending you my love and best wishes x G x :-)



Thats really good news Parvin - good luck for Wednesday and your next

treatment. Keep us informed.

Lots of Love

Angie x



good luck for wednesday, hope and pray things are ok




Dear Parvin, Thank you so much for posting to say you feel so much better. I was wondering how you were getting along. That's good news about The Marsden and really good you spoke to Ruth and it all makes so much more sense now. This site is brilliant isn't it. What would we do without them all at Ovacome? Xx Annie


I'm so glad you're feeling more positive. It's very easy to give up, especially when you've had so many problems. I'm biased in favour of second opinions because I had a great result when I changed oncologists, but I think it's something everyone should consider. Always remember, you are worth it.

Please keep in touch and let us know how you get on.



Good morning everybody and have a good Sunday.

Just to say I am new to your community and I feel grateful it has been set up.

I owe my life to a second opinion and I strongly recommend it. There are some doctors though that make us feel uncomfortable about this procedure and we should make sure that we have the

courage to follow up what we are entitled to. Doctors at the NHS are overworked. We need to

be well informed and ask firmly and clearly for all we feel can make a difference to our life, especially if it is our right to have it.



Good to hear your spirits have revived. I'll be thinking about you and your 2nd opinion

Love ChristineXXX


So pleased you now feel less desperate and feel more positive about what you want to do. Good luck for Wednesday and be firm about being referred to the Royal Marsden. Do keep us posted on how things go.

Love, Solange


Dear Parvin

I am so glad you talked to Ruth after all the advice you got from all the wonderful ladies on this site. I am sure it must be very difficult to listen to so many different people telling you to do many different things. The important thing is what you want & what you feel comfortable with. It is always good to talk to people who have been through a similar situation or to an expert & this site provides all that so keep asking your questions.

Good luck with your appointment on Wednesday.

Lots of love, Samixa X


Hi Parvin,

You sound so much more positive now which can only be good for you, hope all goes well with you and keep your spirits up. xx Jorja


Just glad to know you feel more positive. The team at the Marsden are lovely if you decide to go there for back up. xx


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