Seen consultant today to see if I was going ahead with my chemo as I had a reaction to Caelyx causing a thing called hand and foot which makes your hands red and sore but with the creams prescribed it has calm down a bit so it is going ahead at a reduce dose on Friday was going to delay it a week but it will be close to my holiday and she suggested that would not be fair

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  • Good news!.... The message I got was lubricate, lubricate and then some....Early days for me, but so far so good...oh and watch tight bras and underwires.

  • There are some advantages to a double mastectomy (preventative!) no bras!!

  • Sorry to hear about your hand and foot syndrome. I'm currently just holding this at bay (one heel is looking decidedly sorry for itself) but I'm glad that you're managing to keep going with the treatments. It's great that your oncologist is listening - I've found that if you can explain what you've got in your diary (and I don't just mean other medical stuff or work-related stuff, but holiday dreams) they tend to be supportive. The teams understand that we're only human! Good luck - and enjoy your well-deserved break! x

  • That's excellent news, it's really good that your oncologist is listening. Have a lovely holiday and good luck with the chemo on your return. ❤️Xx Jane

  • Pleased it's going ahead and the creams seem to be working. When are you going away and where? (You've probably said but I can't remember!!)

    Clare 😁

  • Beginning of March Egypt consultant said for me to wear loose clothing and cover up I made her laugh by telling her that my daughter brought me back a burka when she was out in Afghanistan when she was in the army I wear that

  • Ooh I loved Egypt - I stayed near the pyramids at Gina and went into Cairo then on a Nile cruise then a week in Luxor. My holiday was some years ago and it was FAB

    Have a great time

    Clare xx

  • I too love Egypt. I lived and worked in Cairo in my 20s and was lucky enough to return for a trip down memory lane in 2011 to meet up with old friends. So glad I got my trip in before the OC got me. I bought a couple of gallabayahs (spelling?) so might dig those out to wear!

    Good luck to you.

    Janine x

  • Aveeno cream or lotion is good for the sore skin and recommended here to use while on Caelyx. Best to have the treatment this week so you can have a reasonable holiday

  • I have been prescribed steroid cream and hydrocortisone and not to do anything that can cause friction like hoovering my husband pipes up don't worry she do not do any cheek

  • glad it's going ahead for you and you will go,on your hols to.


  • I had my first Caelyx on Monday but had to stop due to allergic reaction. However after desensitisation meds I was able to have it yesterday administered at a lower rate and all was fine. Thank you for the info about hand and foot. I have been given Diprobase cream - I already have very dry skin on my hands and feet so want to avoid any further issues.

    I hope you can enjoy your holiday.

    Janine x

  • Hi Bobby,

    Sorry you're poor hands and feet are suffering, but hopefully the creams will sort you out. Your Oncologist appears to be on the ball.

    Have a lovely holiday.

    Debs xxx

  • Glad it seems sorted. Have a fabulous holiday. Xx

  • Just want to agree with Mac27 about tight or underwired bras. I knew about hand/foot on Caelyx but didn't realise a lacy bra would be a problem. Very sore and grazed skin underarms - especially if you are sweating, so watch out in Egypt. I bought some of those cotton vests with elasticated support inside, they are very soft and comfy. Added benefit of stopping waistbands rubbing on old surgery scar! I finished Caelyx just before Christmas but still wearing these as I like them so much 😍

  • I am about to start Caelyx and was told to put hands/feet in cold water for the first few days and use Udderly smooth for urea content? Good Luck and have a fab holiday. claire xxx

  • You've had lots of great tips already, but I'm not sure anyone's mentioned talc....(Egypt). I came across this as part of a pack which used to be given out with caelyx somewhere in N America. I asked the chemo nurse about this as I don't generally use it. He felt it might make matters worse. But then I'm not going to be sweaty and sticky as you're likely to be.....xx

  • I be taking my chillo out with me so that might help if don't know what is it is a pillow that acts opposite to a hot water bottle thanks for the advicexx

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