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Hi all

Just returned from surgeon appointment( Yuk) although my ca125 has elevated to 15 from 11 he said all felt quite smooth inside and healing well. He also picked up a very small buble on my outside scarring, he told me to keep an eye on it as it could go into a hernia. He's recommended a ca125 test again in 4 weeks, and also another colonoscopy, I had this when diagnosed with PPC.

He told me I was not to worry about the elevated ca125, as it can rise for any reason but they will monitor it for any trend in elevation. So all in all not as bad as I was expecting, so onwards and upwards as they say.


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Hi Ellsey

That's a good approach and I agree wrh the repeat test in one month to monitor. There are many things can impact a CA125 but it's good to keep an eye on it for trend.

Im pleaaed hes also recommended a colonoscopy as I had to go to my Dr myself to get mine! Seems you have a good team there.

All the best

Clare xx

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Thank you Clare they are a great team, I feel very safe with them and know they are looking at everything.

Ellsey xx


Hi Ellsey

Your team seem to have you closely in their grasp. Trust in them and move forward. All the best .




They are very good, and listens to what I am saying.

Ellsey xx


This is what a team should be, supportive, kind and mutual respect, I am glad all is going well and it is good to have this checked again shortly but hopefully its nothing to worry about


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