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Update 😬

So been to see Gyne doctor last Wednesday, had full examination tummy and internal, mentioned the rise in CA125 to 43. He said he’s not concerned at all couldn’t feel any signs of reoccurrence and 43 is not a big number. He’d expect it to be in the 100’s. Today been to see oncology nurse. They have requested a non urgent MRI in 6-8 weeks. Told me not to worry and just a precaution as in May last year my CA125 was 12 so although not massive jump they want to check t out. Plus I haven’t had any scans since last chemo in 2015 which was NED. Now I’m quite worried. Should I be? Or are they just been very good?!

Love to all xx

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Hi I finished chemo in September my ca125 was 17 I'm on avastin and my ca125 as been creeping up to 53 was sent for a scan last week and seen oncologist today, the only thing that's changed is a lymph node it was 2mm and it's now 5mm so not much so classed as stable, so to carry on with avastin till April and keep an Eye on ca125,

Hope this helps, try not to worry 43 is not bad.



Thank you for reply. Think cause I’ve had so long remission it’s a bit of a punch to system.

I know 43 is not bad just heads gone!

It does help a lot thank you. Fingers crossed for you for April xx


I understand how you feel, I had gem and Avastin in 2013 finished Avastin in2015 and wonder when my luck with run out. I am classed as stable. Had ct last June and ultra sound and no sign of recurrence so not allowed have ct until June, I do have review in March. I feel okay mostly.


Thank you for reply. I feel ok most of the time more problems due to after effects of the damn chemo!! X


They are been very good. Jumped from 12 to 45 within almost a year might be due to something else. It is a slow rise. They are being proactive to call for MRI. If there is something they might catch it early. Wish you the best and may you still be NED for years to come.


Thank you so much for reply, much appreciated. Gyne said was a slow rise and he expected reoccurance to jump into 100’s. Seen as was in 1000’s when diagnosed. Yes they are been proactive suppose not had scan for 3 years.

Fingers crossed xx


Hi Sam,

I think they sound like they are being thorough, which is a good thing. The fact they’ve requested a non-urgent MRI means that they don’t think you need anything under the two week rule. Just don’t lose track of the 6-8week period and forget to keep any eye out for the appointment!

Thinking of you,



They’re on board and are being proactive, we all know our CA125 can rise for reasons other than the cancer, so, take their lead and try not to worry, they’re arranging a scan and seemingly don’t expect to find anything so do try to relax a little, easy said I know, but try. Let us know when you get your scan results, big hugs ❤️Xx Jane


Hi I’m in same position my CA125 has risen I’m due my first 3 mth review in March and having a scan beforehand I’m worried sick it’s back but trying to put on a brave face for my husband and family I cannot cope with them all worrying to. Stay positive with me xx


Good luck to you. Since you haven’t had a scan in three years, they may want to just have a look see anyway.


Hi love,

Think they are just being good and taking care of you,wouldn’t worry if I were you, would rather be that than just left,

Wish you well,

Carole xx


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