Renal Clear Cell Carcinoma stage 4

I had my kidney removed last year and now the cancer has returned ( at the base of the kidney removal site) I had surgery but on opening I was deemed incurable and sent home with my " death sentence" of course I am fighting this with diet, naturopath, positive thinking and hypnotherapy.

As this type cancer does not respond to main stream chemo, I am taking a "chemo type" tablet PAZOPANIB ( 2 a day)

Is there anyone out there who is on this drug? Have you had success? My prognosis was only 9 weeks ago and I have been on the above for 7weeks.

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  • What a fighter, I'm sorry I can't give you any advise. But is there a sight on here that deals with kidney cancer? If so they me be people like you that can help you. Wishing you lots of stength hugs and love.

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