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Want the Information about liver

Hi..my name is sushma..my dad was suffering with liver tumor n he is 58 years old..he has the tumor inside the liver ..doctor suggests him to do chemo r liver transplantation... But my dad has low platelet count...is it k for him...n he don't have any symptoms like he was suffering with liver tumor... Please any one suggest the good treatment.

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Hi Sushma,

I don't think we will be able to help on here as this is a site for women with ovarian cancer.

However, if you look at this site instead and ask your question, someone may be able to help you.


Good luck to you both


Hi Sushma, so sorry to hear your dad isn't well and hope he starts to improve soon.

This forum is for ladies who have or have had ovarian cancer and their supporters so we are unable to advise on the best way to move forward with liver cancer. Healthunlocked has a section specifically for liver cancer so if you search healthunlocked>liver cancer you will be able to find people to help.

Good luck to you, your dad and your family going forward ❤xx Jane

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