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Hello Ladies, I got out of hospital on Thursday. I was complaining of pain under my ribs. They then decided to send me for a ct scan to see he pneumonia but they found a shadow in my liver. I am so worried now because they said that they would set me up for a liver biopsy after christmas. The oncologist said that he didnt think that it was cancer but the fact that it was not there in july when they compared the ct's, they wanted to check it out. I got a call to come in Wednesday to have the biopsy, did any of you ladies have anything like this? My husband is so certain that it is cancer, I really can't think of anything else. Any advice?

Hugs to all


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  • Hey Damelza,

    I am so sorry you have to go through this! I cannot offer any advice only I googled it and a nurses post said that the vast majority of shadows on the liver are not malignant. It could be bruising or something from the Chemo our livers have to work hard during Chemo! I hope you get some wise advice from some of the wonderful women on this forum. In the meantime try not to worry until they do the tests, I know that's easier said than done in fairness!!!

    Mind yourself!


  • All I can add to Ds post is that my neighbour had a shadow on her liver which proved to be a blood clot, If it is something else, it is possible it is not malignant. I know this is an anxious time for you but you have no facts until after the biopsy. So do try and enjoy the next few weeks and then see what the results say, I am hoping it is not as bad as you fear

  • I hope it's not malignant but I have had a recurrence which included my liver and it has shrunk with chemo so there is treatment if it does turn out to be.

  • I have a mark on my liver was told it was benign so they doing nothing with it 😀

  • I also had what they thought was a lesion on my liver when I was being treated for breast cancer .. turned out to be a benign oedema. I know waiting for results is agonising... Really hope your fears aren't realised . Xx

  • Hi damzela i had a spot found on my liver in 2012 and had it removed via surgery. It was quite a big op, but am glad i had it done. The surgeon said that they were doing a lot more of them now... hope it works out ok for you




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