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Neutropenia sepsis and pneumonia

Hi everyone

My mum has just got out of a two week stay in hospital with neutropenia sepsis and pneumonia. She is exceptionally weak and is so frustrated and presumes the worst now. Has anyone else had this? If so, how long did it take you to get your strength back? I hate to see her like this. She can't have chemo until she is stronger. I don't know where to turn anymore.

Thank you

Louise xx

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I'm so sorry your mum is poorly, I've not had an experience of this but just wanted to send lots of love to you both with fingers crossed she feels better very soon ❤xx Jane


Hi Louise,

I haven't had pneumonia, but I've had neutropenic sepsis twice. I was treated with IV antibiotics and given injections to help boost my neutrophils. Does your mum have those injections? Once the neutrophils start picking up, they grow exponentially. On the first occasion I was in hospital for 5 days and on the second it was only 2 because my neutrophils went from 0.24 to 4.6 in record time.

I've also had my chemo delayed because of them being too low (they were my main issue during chemo), but as soon as they hit the right level, it was back on and no detriment to my treatment.

I hope your mum starts to feel stronger soon.

Yosh x


No personal experience however lying in a hospital bed for that length of time has a major affect on the body and weakness etc will be there in spades. If she can move around a bit, a little walk around the room each hour or at a timeframe she can manage. Has she been given a prescription for Fortisip drinks ? I was sent home from hospital yesterday with lots. Try and get her mentally interested too as that helps, even reading, watching to, little chats - it's all connected.

My own mum had a few periods like this and we thought she'd never get back (as she thought too) but she did, it's just nit that quick.

Take care

Clare xx

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I think it will help both you and your mum to speak with the specialist nurse assigned to your mum. It's very hard for you to carry all this by yourself. Take care and the best wishes to you and your mum.



I agree perhaps contact your Mums CNS and speak to her and perhaps the district nurse can call and give you some advice too. The Fortesip drinks are good if you can arrange to get them. Pneumonia is quite weakening so it will take time.


I can't thank you all enough for your replies. Thank you so very much. We managed to get mum out for lunch today so that was good. As for the fortisip, unfortunately mum hates anything that is milky or yoghurt based. She is eating and drinking well, but it will take time especially with the pneumonia too. Thank you all once again from the bottom of my heart. I am so grateful for all your replies. Take care lovely people. Xxxx


Have you discussed any options on how to help her recover quicker


Not really Sally. They just keep saying she will be very weak with what she has gone through. The hospital aren't very good at all I'm afraid. Xx


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