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Neutropenia and colostrum supplement

I hope this may be helpful. I have had problems during chemo and failed trial screening due to low neutrophil count. This was suggested to me (although I really didn't think it would work, because nothing seems to).

However, I purchased a tub of Immune-Tree Colostrum from Amazon and I have been having results.

My count has gone to 1.5 and higher but goes down again to 1.0 if I stop taking the colostrum. It was suggested to me by a trial doctor.

Just thought I'd share this with you.


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Linda, thanks for sharing! I think definitely worth a try. I also suffer from Neutropenia during chemo and have skipped sessions due to low neutrophils/wbc etc. Did your Onc offer you neulasta injections to boost neutrophils/wbc during chemo. I know some people are lucky to be offered this ...but not me.


Hi Sue,

Yes, I have had neulasta throughout my last 5 rounds of various chemos. However, it was the disappointment of failing trials through the low count which was a real problem. I'm now on a trial and it does seem that the colostrum is helping my count.

Neulasta is very expensive but you can also be given neupogen to raise your neutrophil count. This needs to be given more regularly but works just as well.


Thanks for the advice about neupogen/neulasta. I totally understand the frustration over low blood counts ruining a trial or chemo. Fingers crossed that the colostrum is doing the trick now.

All the best

Sue xx


I wasnt offered injection Sue :(


Sorry to hear that you weren't offered injection either. Neulasta is very expensive but I do know that neupogen is considerably cheaper so I would have hoped it would be available ............

Best wishes Linda x


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