Drain done

Wow. Had the drain put it tonight at 7 pm after getting to hospital at 10am this morning. All the worry for nothing. As you lovely ladies reassured me it was not at all painful. My tummy has softened already and loads of fluid draining. Staying in overnight.

Thanks everyone for helping me through this. I have been such a wuss !!!!

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  • Certaily not a wuss, glad it went ok and yr ok x

  • Thanks. I hope anyone else who gas to have it done can be assured it does not hurt x

  • Definitely not a wuss glad your feeling better... sleep well 🤗

  • Thank you. So glad I wrote for advice. It is great to have support from ladies who know what it's like.

    Hope you all keep well. This illness can be pretty awful. It's nice to be able to seek useful advice.

  • No you are not a wuss...allowing someone to stick a large needle into you and fluid to drain out is counter intuitive to say the least!

  • Thanks you are so kind x

  • Wow long day but glad sorted. You will feel like a new woman tomorrow . I had to stay in 24 hours and have Iv to stop dehydration . Felt so good when I got home I refused soup and polished off fish and chips !

    Stay well and strong Kimx

  • Thanks. I am just looking forward to feeling a bit better and in less pain.

    Thank you for your kindness x

  • I am glad the drain was put in and it wasnt as bad as feared, I hope you have a reasonable night tonight and bet you cant wait to get home again

  • Yes it will be nice to get home. My daughter is coming up to visit from Cambridge on Saturday so don't want to be in hospital. Thanks for your kind message xx

  • Hope you had a nice day with your daughter. Emend is a lot better to work you dont feel as bad on it. All the best

  • Thanks. I hope it stops me from being sick. We had a nice day today. This will be my fifth lot of chemo and it's back to carboplatin which I had in 2014. Hope it will work

    Thanks for you kind reply.

    Loretta x

  • Yes. I'll be glad to be home. Chemo restarts Monday with better antisickness - Emend. Fingers crossed

    Thanks for your kindness x

  • Glad it went ok, I was thinking of you yesterday.

  • Thanks. I know now it is not painful having abdominal drains put in. I have come to mistrust it when told things are not painful. I know no one wants to cause worry when we have to go through various ordeals. The drain has been in overnight and I've had some pain meds during the night. The nurses on the ward are lovely but I'll be glad to get home later if I can

    Thanks for thinking of me x

  • I'm glad it's all done. Now you will be feeling much comfortable. Well done. That's why this forum is so lovely and helpful as we can all share our experiences.. Take care and hope you will be out soon in hospital. Xxx

  • Thanks so much. I got home this afternoon and just had a nice bath. Just relaxing now.

    More chemo Monday. Thanks again x

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