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I wonder if anyone else has had or has an abdominal Plurex drain?

If so how long did it take, or how long do you think I should expect before it settles down?

I've had mine 5 days now, is sometimes painful in being drained and I constantly feel tender in its site. The wound is clean and free of infection etc but almost feels like its pulling all the time, it's painful to straighten up.

Is this normal, am I expecting too much? Sometimes feel I would be better off with the ascites, (I know daft thing to say)

Thank you

Dawn xx

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  • Hi Dawn .. I've only had the drain in for short term relief post op. How long will it stay in? Love to you xx

  • They think it might only be in for 3 weeks or so. I'm currently weekly chemo and they hope after another 3 weeks the ascites will dry up anyway. Just not the most comfortable thing in the world, or I'm just being impatient. I want to be able to forget its there!

    Thanks Tina


  • I know what you mean... it's not just like carrying the weight of a baby (or 6!), it's the fact that it's painful and very debilitating. It's also a constant reminder that the disease is there, isn't it? So the psychological effect is huge. I don't think you're being impatient at all... and another thing I've learned the hard way... don't be afraid to ask for pain relief... not just the paracetamol, codeine or Naproxen or the like if it's severe. I have BuTrans patches. The meds take up to 3 days to get into the bloodstream but then the dose can be increased from the minimum .. which is 5 per hour and then topped up with oral medication. You don't get the same yoyo sickness feeling as if you were taking Oramorph or the constipation in anything like the same level. If your pain is severe, it's my guess that you are counting this as normal until the ascites stops, the drain is taken out and the rest disperses? My life has been turned the right way round again because of getting appropriate pain relief. You may not feel enough pain to warrant this (in your own head I mean), but if pain and discomfort is getting in the way of you feeling like your old self, I think it's worth talking this through with your medic who might or might not think it's the right way to go. When your ascites has stopped and drained, then you may be able to come off pain relief. NICE has pointed out that pain relief is underprescribed and has put down new guidelines about it. When I had ascites and before it was drained, it was one of the lowest points in my life... so I know how you might be feeling. Well, I wish you well and send you lots of love... T xxx

  • Thanks Tina

    I'm seeing oncologist tomorrow, so I will ask about pain meds. I wonder if I had them ( Other than the paracetamol ) before the drain is released it will help me cope with the sudden sharp pain that is get during that time.

    I can see that I need to be more proactive when it comes to pain meds, as I've only been a paracetamol type of girl!

  • Hi Dawn

    Like you I have had an abdominal Plurex drain fitted, mine has been in for about two years. Much easier to drain than to wait for the ascites to build up and have to go into hospital to have it carried out. To start with I remember mine being very sore, it does take time to settle down. I find that if I have the drain fully open it can be a bit painful so try just having it draining slowly to see if that is any better. Are you doing the drain or do you have a District Nurse coming in to carry out the proceedure. Hope things improve shortly. Jean x

  • Hi Jean,

    thanks for responding to me.

    The community nurse is coming in every day to drain. I'm supposed to be learning be learning how to do it but, she does it very slowly whilst I'm lying down. I think the main problem is when there is 'debris' that blocks the drain and it really pulls as the suction works. I really don't like that sharp unexpected shock, so that makes me apprehensive about being able to control it myself.

    But compared to yourself this is early days for me and obviously something i need to adjust to (more patiently)

    Dawn xx

  • Hi Dawn,

    I didn't comment earlier because I have no experience of this, but I thought you might be interested in this teaching video (although it is American) I am not suggesting you should do it yourself but thought it might help if you watched it being done on someone else (it might be like watching paint dry though lol) love x G x

    I am sorry the link didn't work but if you google Plearx drainage-instructing patients on how to drain it is on YouTube. Ooh it works now lol

  • Hiya Gwyn,

    Thank you for that, it's as the nurses are doing and it certainly does hurt the first few times!!,

    I'm going to seek some additional advice tomorrow!

    Dawn xx

  • Hi Dawn,

    I think it's horrendous... I am glad I haven't got that problem. xx

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