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should I wait before starting chemo .... yes I will

To all the lovely ladies who answered my fist post on if to wait.

I went to my cno to-day and she gave my 125 marker it was 75 after 6 months on caelyx.

then she gave me about 7 weeks break over Christmas when I went back to-day it was 65 gone down 10 after finishing caelyx , I had heard about that happening from a lady on this site.

So I felt good, asked about her plain for me, she feel I should wait 6 weeks giving my body still more of a break, only if I can handle the wait I'm ok with that.

Then have a full body scan new blood test the we will decide.

If we go for 2 more caelyx or taxtol she see the taxtol as the way to go.

So have 6 weeks with out chemo will try to not worry about the beast ,

WE only purchase this house just before I was diagnosed and 5 month before the very bad firers in the the blue mountains, our whole 12/2 acre of garden was burnt to the ground.

Having this cancer and the treatments I had lost all incentive to replace the garden

So I'll try to use this time to plant.

All my love to you all

Cheers Lorraine xxxx

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Hi Lorraine, doing the garden is a lovely idea. I find planning and growing things hugely beneficial, although I'm a lousy gardener! Good luck with the waiting, it;s the part I find hard.


Good call, Lorraine! Absolutely - spend your time building up your garden. It'll not only fill your days but will be better every day! Sounds like your treatment has gone pretty well - long may that drop in CA125 levels last. Enjoy! x


Hi Lorraine. Glad to hear you have reached a decision that is right for you. Go spend time in the garden :) Wishing you well. Kathy xx

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This is good news indeed and not a bad number, do enjoy your garden, we get so much pleasure out of planting and seeing our little plants become bigger, Also take some time out for you during this period even a mini break away, all the very best


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