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Just got letter for end of chemo scan and 3 bottles of contrast one to take night before then one morning then one 1hr before I go and scan includes chest this time never had that before is this normal I usually drink contrast in scan unit for over 1 hr then scan and never had chest included in scan before and have had a few one half way through but not with chest x

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  • Always pelvis and abdomen xx

  • I always have chest included but only contrast as I await scan.

  • I'm lucky in that I've NEVER had to drink any contrast but I have read on here and other sites that certain hospitals do give these drinks. I'm so lucky that my hospital gives the contrast dye through a cannula.

    I've had at least two CT scans which are top of chest to bottom of hips. It's quite normal to check that whole are

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • I get dye as well as contrast it yucky stuff never done it at home before mind you letter says ct scan mobile unit not were I usually go in main hospital xx

  • Yes, I have had the chest included after I finished chemo.

  • I've never been given a drink to have so far in advance, but have had the one that you drink whilst you wait to go in for your scan. I think the drinks help to highlight the intestines, maybe? I also have the cannula with intravenous contrast too. Chest, abdomen and pelvis each time (well, apart from the time they forgot to do chest and I had to go back a week later, but that didn't need the drink, just the intravenous contrast so was much quicker!).

  • I didn't know they could ask you to drink the stuff...yuck! X

  • I have allways drunk it every scan it's horrible makes me feel more sick than my chemo xxx

  • They mix it with squash at my hospital - it's not delicious, but it doesn't taste too bad!

  • I must be very weird I actually like the taste LOL and I can't have it mixed with squash because of my citric acid allergy!

  • I've always had the chest included but have only had to have the drink in the scan unit, but not the night before.

  • I know it weird going to phone see if the letter is right xx

  • I had CT scan at diagnosis, beginning and a month after finishing chemo. All where thorax to pelvis and dye injected in unit just before scan. Xx

  • I have neck thorax abdomen pelvis but never had contrast to drink at home. Maybe we will self scan at home too soon lol


  • I also had to drink 3 lots and had chest included.

    Nurse advised me to drink through straw which was much better !

    Take care x

  • If got a CT scan on Monday and have 4 lots to drink before I go and then will have a further drink at the hospital.

    Going to mix a bit of squash into mine in the hope it's not too yucky!!!!!

  • Stuff I got is 3 bottles of gastrogrefin to take one night before then 2hrs before scan and then next one 1hr before x

  • I always had the contrast at the hospital an hour or so before the scan. It always included the chest area. They call it TAP scan as in Thorax, Abdomen, Pelvis. For PPC I think it always includes the chest area and I'm not sure for OC. The best of luck with it all


  • hello Frisok12 - I know you're being treated at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh like me, and I have to say that for all my many CT scans there, I've always just had to drink the contrast in the hospital itself during the hour beforehand. Do you think this is a new approach? I would definitely ask your CNS.

    In terms of whether it's to include chest as well, I've had both abdomen/pelvic area only, and also with chest. I actually think it's a good thing to have the chest included, as it rules out any possibility of anything nasty lurking up there too.

    I'd be interested to learn if the contrast is a new WGH procedure - keep us posted! x

  • Yes I also have chest included. Have contrast drink also in arm. Good luck let us know how you get on. xxxx

  • I sometimes have chest included in scans. I used to have to drink the gastrografin over the course of an hour & a half before each scan. But for some time now I've had a little bottle of the stuff posted to me home with the appointment details, with enough to dilute for 4 drinks -1 to have on the 2nd evening before the scan, 2 the day before, & the 4th before I go. Then I'm asked to be there 1/2 an hour before the scan time to have another. Then they give me an injection of contrast too. I dread to think what my innards look like by then! Di

  • I have always had the chest included in all my scans. Its normal here in the states. I am given the option of drinking the barium at home and the rest in the hospital so I don't have to go so early before scan.

    All the dye is given through my port.

    Best of luck to you!


  • I'm Always scanned chest and abdomen. I have that horrible drink to drink whilst st the hospital over an hour. They inject dye through a cannula too. It always makes me feel nauseous while the scan is taking place. I always fear I'm going to be sick.

    Good luck. Hope scan goes well. Xx

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