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How long does the pain and inflammation last after total hysterectomy and debulking surgery ?

Hi I hope everyone had a good holiday, my question is if anyone can give me an idea on how long does it take for pain and inflammation to go away? I was diagnosed with stage 3c fallopian tube cancer in march 2016. They did a total hysterectomy as well as omentum removal in july 2016. Its been a bit over 5 months since my surgery and I still have inflammation (more on the right side) of my lower abdomen and pain . Is this normal ? My last chemo was oct. 13 . Please give me some peace of mind

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I don't think there's one answer. We're all individuals and the amount of surgery, and how it's done, vary from person to person.

I think your surgery was quite extensive.

I had minimal discomfort after my hysterectomy etc, but that was done laparascopically. However, I continue to have discomfort from breast lumpectomy 8 years ago, hernia op 3 years ago and bowel resection 1 year ago. I think this is due to unavoidable nerve damage and scar tissue. This also produces what looks like infllammation in my abdomen.

We're so used to the idea that things go away, it can be hard to get used to living with something. Nevertheless, I think it would be wise to check this out with your clinical team just in case something else is going on which could indicate some other problem.

Good luck!


I had my total hysterectomy at the beginning of September. In the last 2 weeks I've finally felt able to"live life" but still have pain. Went to see my doctor and she reminded me that I would have a lot of scar tissue due to the extensive surgery that was required and not to be so hard on myself. Been going to a physio who has been wonderful teaching me how to use my core muscles again. That has made a huge difference to my sanity. My brain associated movement with pain and I've had to relearn how to twist and turn and move.

I had a CT scan done in November because I was so concerned about the intense pain. Now it's only there after I overdo things. (Like now I'm lying down feeling very sore after digging in the garden for hours, pulling and tugging on weeds and swimming). Think I've made a mental decision to get on with life this year and move again.

If you are concerned get it checked out. Put my mind at rest having the scan that nothing was seriously wrong anymore. Now to heal.



Hi, you have had a big op. We are all different. Take pain killers if you need them.


I had the same surgery in July 2014, it took quite some time to feel more 'normal' you have had a major surgery with lots of scar tissue so it will take a while. My tummy isn't as flat as it was and my right side is still 'bigger' than the left, my tumour was on my left ovary 🤔. If you're worried speak to your doctor and/or surgeon. Peace of mind is important. Take care ❤xx Jane


Hi Rosa, sorry to hear you are still in pain. I had TAH in July after emergency surgery in February for twisted ovary that histology revealed was cancer. Almost 6 months later I too am still in a lot of pain ... particularly on my right side but uncomfortable generally in my abdomen and back. Doctors say it is a combination of muscular and surgical menopause but I understand what you are saying ... the chronic pain is really getting me down and weighs on my mind. I have been waiting for the pain to go so I can start exercising again but, as another reply mentioned, I think I need to try to get on with my life rather than wait to be like I was before because I don't think that is going to happen. Maybe you feel a bit like that?

Kate x


I had the same operation in March last year was cut opened, had my omentum removed as well, my stomach still swell up I've have pain on my right side of the pelvis is a dull pain my tumour was on the right and after the operation was told it got in my left like you they stage me 2A Fallopian tube, had six lots of chemotherapy finished the end of August. I'm am a lot better can do a lot of walking 🚶 my speed has had picked up not as tried either which is good, I find that when I Hoover the pain came kick in and I get pain in my lower pain, as the others says everyone is different, I heard it can take up to 12 months to feel right again, don't think my tummy will go down for a long time, I'm am going to start riding my bike again now I feel stronger plus I do yoga first time I've done it really enjoyable, just listen to your body and do what you can do and rest as well. Good luck.



I didn't have chemo,but had pain for far longer. This I have learned to cope within live with ,but you are only a few months after chemo and surgery and one of the biggest shocks any human being can experience.

For sure get it checked out ,butto me this sounds normal.

Take care x x


Hi Rosa, it is early days still yet I was still sore up to a year post surgery. You do have to mind yourself and no dragging or lifting stuff. If you feel you need painkillers do visit your gp and he will advise you what to take.


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