Recovering from total hysterectomy and omentum removal

Hi, I am on my 3rd day after my surgery and im having my daughter write this for me . So far , it has been a very hard time for me. I woke up in extreme pain after surgery. My insision is very big and covers my whole abdomen vertically. I am experiencing very bad nausea at the moment . I pray that this passes soon.

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  • I had very bad nausea and vomiting and was given a daily tablet of Omaprezole and it stopped and I was able to eat.

    I was told it happens after the op. So aye talk to the medical staff to see if it's am option for you.

    I wish you well,

    Carole xxx

  • It's very early days after a huge op. They move everything around so it will take a little while to settle. Make sure you ask the doctor or community nurses for pain meds and anti sickness. Settlers help with the wind. It does help if you can try and move around a bit as it dislodges the pain. Sleep as much as you can.

    Sending a comforting hug. Take each day at a time. It does get easier. I'm 10 weeks post op and each day got better.

    Sarah x

  • Oh bless you, I was exactly the same so understand how you feel. Whilst doing the op they have a good old rummage around and move the bowels which could explain the nausea. They also fill you up with air which causes the horrible pain. Ask for pain relief, it will soon pass, take care xx

  • Hi Rosa,

    Hang on in there. It will pass. Talk to the nurses about pain relief and something for the nausea. It's a massive operation, but it is done now. All you have to do is rest and recover.


  • Oh Rosa 😕 You should definitely speak to a nurse to see if they can offer something else for both the nausea and the pain. You will feel much better if you do, and they don't want you to suffer.

    I hope you feel better soon x

  • I had the same operation on the 10th may. I vomited a lot and my scar too is long. You are doing so well it's s major op give yourself time to recover. The only way is up and the pain you get from the trapped wind isn't to unbearable. Try peppermint tea it's s but like drinking hot chewing gum but if it helps you with the wind it's worth it. All the best and big hugs it does get better day by day 😃😃

  • The wound does heel, I had the same op 18 moths ago and my scar has virtually faded to nothing. I.hope you start to feel more comfortable soon, rest up and big hugs xx

  • It will pass. You've been through a lot but the surgery will be a memory soon. Xxx

  • Hi there

    So sorry...I hope that you are feeling a little better today. My Anaesthetist told me that the third day after an operation can be really rough for many people. It's a big big surgery ....take all.of the drugs offered ....if these don't work ask to see the Pain team. This will pass and you will be home soon and will have time to recover in the sun.

    Take care

    Love and hugs xxxx

  • Hang in there. The first week is toughest and then it will feel better day by day. I had nausea too and would vomit up the oral countermeds they gave me. But then we found that anti emetics given by iv worked much better for me and eventually the biggest post op issues went away. First the pain via initial opiads then down to novalgin and paracetamol, then nausea and finally my bowels started working too.

    It took all in all about 8 days for me to get there and some trial and error. Definitely ask for good pain meds and anti emetics or an option to switch some of the other meds for alternatives if that is more agreeable with your body.

    All the best. You will soon be up and better again.

  • You will feel better. I have found its like having a baby too as six weeks post op I have forgotten how much pain and discomfort I was in early days. Be aware too that when you are allowed to start eating you may not be able to eat much. I have a huge appetite. I couldn't manage a quarter of a sandwich at first without pain and bloating. This is normal if you get that. Rest up and I hope you feel better soon xx

  • I also had to have the large vertical incision and had similar symptoms afterwards. The nausea is very common after any large op involving general anaesthetic. It does pass after a few days, and you'll soon start to feel more comfortable generally - thinking of you!

  • anesthesia causes nausea, your doc can give you antinausea meds and pain meds. What you are feeling is exactly how I felt after RAH.

  • I went through all of this. The nausea is likely from the anesthesia or narcotic pain meds. Don't be afraid to ask for help tp ease the nausea and pain. I also have an 8" vertical incision. Be careful not to do too much at first. This part passes quickly.

    When the surgeon says you are healed enough for scar therapy get a silicone sheeting. I use s brand called Scar Away. I bought the 7" strip size. I had to add in a couple of inches at first but now I use just one strip. They are adhesive strips and this brand fits well enough to leave them on while showering. Plastic surgeons recommend these silicone strips. They have likely given you a compression garment. Very helpful for a month or two for your comfort. Afterwards, however, the simple act of standing up straight will help your abdominal muscles knit back together and strengthen. Do not do any upper abdominal exercises to prevent tears.

    Now for the part no one tells you. Ask for a prescription for physical therapy to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. I am assuming they removed your cervix. Do some research and find a physical therapist who is a pelvic pain specialist. They can massage out the scar tissue to prevent adhesions and teach you variations on Kegle exercises

    My surgeon does not believe in or know about this. He refused to give me a prescription but my internist, who had never heard of this either, thought it was a great idea. Most women only seek help after there is a problem. Be proactive. You will also feel better about yourself and your ability to heal. Then if you need to confront any cancer issues you will have a feeling of strength and self worth to help you get through it. Keep in touch.

  • Hi Rosa,

    After both my breast bone to pelvic bone ops for total abdominal hysterectomy and followed 20months later by removal of tumours in the lymphatic system, the team (surgeons, ward docs and nurses) were clear I was not to 'be brave and try to tolerate pain or nausea' - this does not help your body itself. To heal yourself you need as much rest, gentle exercise and small amounts of 'good quality' food'; pain and nausea does not enhance recovery.

    Hope your day is better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today.


  • You poor thing!! I had the same Op in March and the pain was awful. HOWEVER it does go and by day 6 I was in the mend with less pain and managing to sleep on y side with pillows alongside. That was wonderful. Don't forget the pillow to prop you up and also one over your abdomen as that helps too. Ring your doctor if you still feel unsure about anything or ring your clinical nurse specialist, I did both and they were very helpful.

    Don't try to do anything but accept drinks and food brought to you, don't. Do too much but DO keep walking even if it's only around the floor as that helps so much with bloating and trapped wind.

    It does get better although you think it never will

    Take care

    Clare x

  • That would be normal because our tummies are empty after surgery. The scar sounds like what I had but it will get better, Do ask your team for help with the pain and nausea because they also want you to get better. I assume you are now able to have drinks, I sent my hubby across to the pub for soda water and ginger ale and that helped. I also got him to get gaviscon or something for heartburn because I did suffer from that. Its baby steps at the moment and every day you should feel a bit better#

  • Hang on in there Rosa, you will continue to get better each day. Meantime, ask for better pain relief and something for the nausea. Ann xo

  • RosaMendez - Sorry to hear that you are suffering from bad nausea - I was looking for a way to actively deal with it - did a lot of research and found a natural spray that you can use. It contains a blend of lavender oil, peppermint oil, ginger oil and spearmint oil which are all natural and should help you. It's used in hospitals and was recommended by a friend who also was suffering from nausea and fatigue. Here is the link: (not sure if I added that the right way let em know if doesn't show. Hope you feel better soon! Also I'll tag a few people who I think might also find this useful Caroles1 Maus123 As other people have suggested also don't be ask to actively ask the nurses or get your daughter to follow up :) Hope that helps. Stay strong! It will only get better :)

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