This is a shortened version of a verse that was in my inbox on the day (28th Dec) I was in clinic for my results (they were ok, cancer on the move a little but relieved that I'm still on the parp inhibitor trial) I've read it over and over again in the past two weeks and thought I would share.

Hope is the anchor of the soul. Hope is the force that keeps us steady in a time of trial. Don’t ever stop hoping. Don’t be afraid to hope. No one can promise that you’ll never be disappointed. But you can always have hope and be positive.

Have hopeful expectation every day of your life.

Thinking of you all this evening and as always praying that there are happy and healthier times ahead for us all xo

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  • That's lovely and very true, I hope 2017 is better for you and thanks for the advice re cold cap! Let me know how you're doing xx

  • It's definitely worth a go. Take big fleecy blankets with you and socks. My friend does that and it helps. 2017 is a year of plans for me. I'm determined nothing is getting in the way xo

  • Love it Julie, hope you're ok xx

  • I'm good thanks Kathy and absolutely delighted for you xo

  • Thank you Julie.. I've read a few times too... thanks for sharing and good luck and let us all know how you get on Love Michelle xx💐

  • Thank you Michelle. Hope you're keeping well too xo

  • Hi Julie apart from being very tired with Avastin I'm getting there! I have 3 treatments to go and my 1st ct scan since before surgery next week with my results I think are 2 weeks later 🤞.. I'll be nervous wreck waiting!! Love Michelle x

  • Sometimes hope is the only thing that got me through my cancer. This is so beautifully worded. Thanks for Julie. xo

  • Thanks Julie, that's lovely and perfect timing. My husband's bowel cancer has returned with a vengeance and I really need a double dose of hope.


  • I believe anything is possible so you just cling on to this hope and believe in it. You are having a tough time at home but keep on living, loving and laughing. Sending love xo

  • Thank you Julie. 💜

  • Struggling a bit at the moment. That poem has really touched me. Xx

  • Sorry to hear that you're struggling. There will always be someone on here that has been through it or going through the same thing. Sometimes we feel isolated even with great family and friends behind us or at times we wonder if it is normal to feel like we do. This is a safe place to share your fears and you will get support and advice. Hugs xo

  • Beautiful and thank you

  • This is so true Julie. We shouldn't ever give up hope. It was lovely to see you last week. Ann xx

  • It's the one thing that keeps me sane Ann, it was lovely to have a proper catch up. We are lucky to have each other so close by xo

  • Definitely are Julie. Are you going to go to the next get together on 11h Feb? I'll ask Dragana if she wants to go too. Hopefully she's feeling better noiw, she's had a rough time lately. Ann xx

  • I have my friend Chrissy and her husband staying that weekend. We are finally after 3 years getting to have time together outside of clinic. We've been talking about it for so long but she's been on treatment pretty much ongoing so haven't made it happen. Her daughter stepped in and organised it for her as a Christmas present so now they are all coming and we can't wait. A chance to showcase good old Northern Ireland to special friends.

    Dragona really has had a rough time. Carols ca125 is elevated so urgent scan has been organised. I'm off to Copenhagen next week but maybe wee after we can meet up and see if Dragana wants to join us xo

  • Enjoy Copenhagen. Have never been there so will be interested to hewar what you think. Hand Cristian Anderson was from there. I this k there's a statue of him.

    Yes, saw Carol's post last night. Worrying times for her. Yes, Dragana has been through the mill recently.

    Have a wonderful time with Chrissy and definitely show her the best of our wee country lol. We are definitely a friendly bunch here. Ann xx

  • Yes so true and beautifully worded. When I was first diagnosed a friend sent me a little 'angel' called Hope and I keep her close and look at her when I feel low.

    Good news you can stay on the parp inhibitor Julie, what a difficult time to be getting results I hope you still had a nice Christmas.

    Madeline xx

  • Madeline I put them off until 28th. I had a feeling things weren't right and was determined not to ruin Christmas for my family. I feel ok just those niggles and fatigue a problem but relief that things are still ok.

    Hope you're keeping well xo

  • All things considered pretty well, just going into my 14th month of more or less continuous treatment but so far avastin and cyclophosphamide are tolerable and seem to be keeping things stable, touch wood and crossing everything ! It feels like a very precarious peace treaty but I do still have hope, I think at one time I was afraid to hope and that line in the verse you quoted particularly resonated with me. Take care

    Madeline xx

  • That's lovely Julie. I'm glad your results were encouraging. X

  • I was just so relieved to stay on the trial that the new nodules went to the back of my mind. They are a problem for another day hopefully that's far away. Hope you're keeping well xo

  • I'm struggling a bit with avastin but ok. There is always something to stew over. As you said .....nodules _ your turn next x

  • Hi Julie I am hoping at the moment that I too get on the parp inhibitor trial, I am in the Christie tomorrow to sign the paper work and start the ball rolling. So maybe 2017 will be the year I get to meet you at last in the trials clinic. Love Bridie xx

  • That would be lovely Bridie. I'm in clinic again on 25th Jan. The trial clinics are a Wednesday so we will definitely meet up. Hope all went well today and you're ready to go.

    A lovely day Barbara (passenger) from the site came to meet me a few weeks ago and brought me a hernia support. It was so lovely and very thoughtful of her. She actually came searching for me and found me in the scan department. I was really touched.

    Looking forward to finally meeting you ❤ xo

  • Lovely and just what I needed this week, a reminder that although I have little control over my cancer I can choose approach each challenge with positivity! Xxx. Thank you and wishing you well Julie xx

  • Thank-you Julie, and so glad you are still on the trial. I also say this prayer every day., and it's this that I believe in. Because of jesus I am blessed, christ has redeamed me of this cancer. I refuse it and reject it in jesus name. Because by his stripes I am healed. Amen. I believe in the power of prayer. Xx

  • There's a local boy called Josh Martin who has cancer. He has been helped twice now and his mum always quotes by His stripes Josh was healed. I love it. You should google his story it's remarkable and I've been for helping prayers with Mark Marx who God used to heal him xo

  • Thank-you Julie, I will definitely Google his story. That's brilliant, it's great to hear things like that. Will keep in touch, wishing you well and by his stripes we will be healed. 😇xx

  • Thank you Juliette and please do keep in touch xo

  • Hi Julie I have just read the story of Josh Martin ( what a lovely photo of Josh and his family) I will say a prayer for him, and will also pass his story on to my son and daughter in law who are also devout Christian's. Xx

  • Love it Julie so very mindful, hope you are ok.

    Virtual hugs Ellsey xx

  • I love it Julie and it comes at such an opportune time for me. I too will read it many times . I'm happy for you that you are still on the trial drug,and we will pray for each other. Take care and fontinue to keep that hope alive.


  • Thank you, keep it somewhere that you read it daily and we can continue with big bold prayers for complete healing. Hope you're keeping well xo

  • Apologies for the typo !

  • This is so true!!

    So pleased you are still on the trial, wishing you the very best




  • Thank you for sharing some deep thought there, I will keep reading it mindfully. I hope you are doing okay

  • Thank you for sharing

  • It is so true. Thanks for sharing. It's good you are still on the trial. All the best!

  • Thankyou, positive hope is what we all must have!!

    Jackie O xxx

  • Hey Julie!

    I kept meaning to reply to this post as I totally agree with the quote! So much so that I have decided that this is my year of micro adventures and my first one is to get two tattoos on my wrists one with Hope and one with Joy my two favourite words (getting them done on the 21st of January.........getting scared now but really excited about it too!). I didn't really appreciate the meaning of either until I was diagnosed and became a member of this wonderful community of Hope! So thanks for posting!


  • Hi Julie, thanks for that, you are such an inspiration, I was reading your diagnosis of PPC staged 4 and full of Hope!! You made my life and problems with this dreadful disease a bit bearable!! Take care always. Xxxx


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