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Hi, I have appointment to see my oncologist on the 20th of January, but first I have a ct scan on the 3rd of January which is next Tuesday. I finished having weekly taxol 2weeks ago on the 16th Dec, but since then I have been really breathless even walking slowly (which I do as I can't walk my normal speed since the chemo) I am so scared that the c word as gone into my lungs. I try to banish the thoughts out of my head but they keep creeping back.

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  • Taxol did the same thing to me. I was exhausted and out of breath for months!!! So, if at all possible, distract yourself with a book or project to help you stop worrying. If worry could cure us, this forum wouldn't be needed!!!❤

  • Thanks tesia, you are right. I have books I love to read, also when I have my two little grandchildren to stay, I forget I have this disease. X

  • Damelza is right about anemia. I forgot that I had become anemic and needed a transfusion!!!! So definitely check with your doctor!!! My chemo brain has already managed to forget a bit about the treatment experience!!!

  • Sometimes if you are low on blood it can cause breathlessness.

    Take care of yourself


  • Thanks damelza, also I have very swollen ankles and feet but been prescribed water tablets for them.x

  • This wretched disease takes so much of us mind and body, but we have to keep on top of the symptoms, talk to your g.p,. I hope it all goes well for you, thinking of you, (hugs)


  • Thank-you demelza,yes it's a horrible disease and like you said it effect 's everything. Sending you hugs too.x

  • Hi Juliette

    They only way you can really put your mind at rest is to talk to your GP or CNS. You can be breathless for other less serious reasons after chemo such as anaemia . I don't think you should wait until your appointment to find out . Maybe they can give you the scan results earlier. I find I am breathless just walking long distances and occasionally anxiety can cause it. Let us know how you get on and try to take deep breaths if you think you are getting anxious. I find it helps to calm me and allows me to breathe properly .


  • Thank-you molly for your advice, my hubby says it's the weekly taxol what's taken it's toll on me. I will take your advice and make an appointment to see my Gp.xx

  • Hi Juliette

    Back on carbo / taxol. I get breathless and I know my red cells are low. From 12 to just under 10.

    Also as molly has said, anxiety can make things worse.

    If only we could stop worrying about every ache and pain. The nature of this rotten disease.

    Hope everything goes well with scan and all the best to you.

    Judy xx

  • Thanks judy, sorry to hear you are back on chemo, but I hope this time round you are coping with it better and not to many side effects. Keep in touch, sending hugs. Xx

  • my breathing is like yours, can`t walk more then a few yards without taking a break, I have fluid on my lungs and I now have a cough too xxx

  • Just being fatigued can make you breathless but if you are really worried please go and see your GP. This time of year there are lots of chest infections flying around

  • As the other ladies have said,there are so many other reasons for breathlessness and as you said when you are occupied the disease you forget.

    I am like you, when I am alone with my thoughts,things seem worse.You have your appointments coming up and on one hand they are a worry,but on the other you are being taken care of and your mind will be put at rest.

    Take care,

    Carole xxx

  • I was also breathless for some weeks after chemo, that worried my hubby greatly however th doc said it was only a concern if the breathlessness was there when I was sitting down and not when I was walking however slowly. It you are worried then run it past your CNS or GP.

    I was also anaemic

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • Hi weekly taxol did the same to me and also being anemic can make you breathless, it is a hard time waiting for results etc, wishing you all the best



  • Hi juliette35,

    Taxol did exactly that to me too, I had it weekly (I also had carbo every 3 weeks), I felt like an old woman, I could only walk slowly and only for short distances and felt like I had to gasp for breath and my fatigue levels were really high and energy poor. It was very scary but it gradually became much better over a period of time.

    You're only 2 weeks post chemo, it will improve but quite slowly I'm afraid. Take lots of rests and gradually build up your distances.

    Take lots of care, well done on completing your treatment, sending big hugs ❤xx Jane

  • Thanks Jane, I had walk round our town square yesterday and couldn't believe the difference I felt. I could walk quite normally and without getting breathless. But today I feel like I've done a couple of hrs in the gym. Lol 😁 xxx

  • You'll get there, hope 2017 is a happy and healthy new year for you and yours ❤xx Jane

  • Thank-you Janet and a happy and healthy new year to you to


  • I was also really breathless after chemo-I felt like I coudn't do anything without needing to sit down afterwards! It got better though and is now fine-just build up your activity levels at your own pace.

    Love, Lou xxxxxx

  • Thank-you lou, I am glad other people have felt the same and knowing it doesn't last makes me feel better. Wishing you a happy new year. Xxx

  • Hi Juliette, I hope the scan went okay for you today, it could be that the breathlessness is caused by your bloods being down but that can be sorted.. I am glad you are now getting out and about again now. Sometimes when I stop walking for a bit, it takes a while to gain back what I have lost by stopping. I am trying again for the past few days, no excuses the weather has been nice enough. I wish you well and hope the results will be good when they come back to you all the best.

  • Hi suzuki, yes I had the scan, and I see the oncologist on the 20th for the results

    So praying all will be OK

    I hope you had a nice Christmas and hoping this year will be a better year for us all

    Also the breathlessness has gone away. All the best to you. Love Julie xxx

  • Good you are feeling best wish you well for your consult, Happy New Year and all the best for 2017

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