Feeling Positive for my Mother Stage 3B. Share your stories for hope

My mother was recently diagnosed with Stage 3B OC. She has no spreading outside of abdomen, only on one ovary, and a little bit was found in the lining. Also it has not spread to the lymph nodes. She had a full DaVinci Hysterectomy and Debulking. She will start 8 rounds of Chemo next week. My mother is very healthy otherwise, and only 56 years old. Her doctor seems positive in prognosis but Cancer is still very scary. Would love any survival stories or input.

The thing that is even so full circle is my mother is a Cancer RN Navigator and is usually the one diagnosing, and now she has her own story.

Please share your stories with me

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  • laurman1, trust your mum's doc on this. It sounds like your mother has excellent underlying good health. This can help her tolerate and recover from surgery and chemo. I am stage 3C and NED for nearly 5 months now. My doc says, I happen to be a very healthy person who "just had cancer". This sounds odd, but when a person does not have other health issues it helps them to tolerate treatment. Read my profile for more detail. Tesla

  • Sounds like your Mum is in good shape! Cancer is always scary,I was 1c and had radical hysterectomy,debaulking and 6 months chemo and am 21 months NED.

    Life is always worth living no matter what thoughts go through our head

    Carole xxx

  • Hey :)

    I think your mom's prognosis sounds good!!

    I had 3a low grade and no tumour, only cells on abdomen. Prognosis excellent!

    Your moms story sound pretty same as me , so be positive :)

  • Daniellafriman did you have a tumor at all? did you go through chemo?

  • No cancer tumour, had a small cyst ( nothing in ) . yes, I had to go through chemo. Doctors said -"just for sure nothing left" , I was giving ned after op , still chemo. Now I'm ned and next appointment in 1month. :)

  • Hi Laurman,

    I am 67 years old. I am low grade 3b and am 3 years on from my radical hysterectomy.

    I try and keep fit via diet and exercise. I wish your mother well.


  • Did you go through chemo?

  • Hi there

    I was diagnosed with high grade OC Stage 3B in 2006. While I have relapsed twice since then, I am currently in full remission. Being diagnosed with advanced OC is terrifying but there are so many positive stories to show that we can continue to our lives in ways which defy the statistics.


  • I was first diagnosed at your Mums age and here I am ten years later. So I am sure your Mum will do well, Sometimes however though knowledge may be power too much can cause a lot of worry. I hope your Mum copes well with being the patient for the next few months, Cancer is scary no doubt about it but survival rates are a lot better than shown in the statistics and dont use Dr Google he is out of date,

  • Thank you so much! What stage were you diagnosed suzuki ? She will start chemo in two weeks or so. The doctors said she was optimally debulked and feel good about the chemo working

  • I was debulked too what a lovely word I dont think but its just a medical term. I know my OC has not gone into any organs so I was indeed lucky. I never asked the stage, I got such a fright at the time. I had never been in hospital and thought the worst. The chemo does work, there will be side effects and we will help you with any questions you have later. For the moment, maybe get your Mum prunes in juice for constipation, dry plain biscuits and Sprite and Marmite. Those have helped me on the yuck day. Your Mum will be given anti nausea and if at first that doesnt work, they will give something stronger

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