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Short rescission does this make a different

Hi ladies,

I'm back asking for more advice has anyone had short rescission then gone on to have a long one.

I have had two in the 21/2 years of this treatment both were short the first 3 months then back on chemo the next 1month then it was going up again,back on chemo.

Just finished 6 months on caelyx came down but not normal marker so it's more then likely to go up.

Next chemo toxal.

Thank you everyone for your support.

Lorraine xx

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I think we are all different so its a tough one to answer. I had about 18 months between first and second line and then about 12 months between subsequent lines. I may be having caelyx next how did you cope with it?


Hi Scardycat,

Thank you for your reply as you can see I only had short time between chemo seem like I been on chemo for most of the 2 1/2 years .

The caelyx the first month was great( this this is easy) the second month had a rush all over my body and blisters under my arms.

MY oncologist gave me steroids before caelyx this fix the rush and blisters.

So each time I had steroids before chemo this help to keep the side effects down.

I did have red hands felt like small paper cuts use plenty of moistener, toe nails are falling off .

I put my feet in cold water with bi carob soda then with a eye dropper put tea tree oil under nails to stop infection also moisturize your feet

I know this all sounds bad but I managed the 6 months and also still went to my casual job my energy level was good I felt ok most of the time.

As you said we are all different so I hope you will find the caelyx easy to tolerate.

I think now you are in your winter, it will be better to handle as caelyx does not like

the sun or heat.

Lorraine xx

Merry Christmas from down under.

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Hi I to experience after 2 of Caelyx rash on arms and legs plus blisters on one foot red hands spent 4 hours up a and e to be told it was a new hand wash I was using but good job I happen to see the consultant two days after and before looking she said it was hand and foot cause by Caelyx and prescribed vitamin b 6 and it has calm it down I also been on chemo for most of 2 years went on three month break after avastin but had to go on carpolplatin before the time was up and now on Caelyx 3rd line yesterday scan in January then we will see at least I have had a fantastic two years of building memories have a merry Christmas all the best for next yearxx


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