On the 12th day of Christmas I was discharged

I've been a bit quiet recently as I managed to catch a virus at my lowest point during my first caelyx/carbo treatment earlier in the month. I called the Cancer Helpline and was admitted to hospital with soaring temperatures, the most dreadful diarrhoea, and resulting in 12 days in "isolation" where any medics or nurses visiting had to wear masks! Possible diagnoses included human variant of bird flu and C diff however I believe it was a case of standard flu hitting my immune-lowered system at the wrong time.

I was discharged last week and am at last feeling a little better. I've decorated our Christmas tree and have tried to catch up with all the festive prep before the family visitors arrive at the weekend. To be honest, this year I'm just glad I'm still here and I've survived the hospital food!

Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and all the best for 2017 and whatever it brings x

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  • Glad to hear you are home, but I'm sorry you have been so poorly! I was in isolation for 5 days at one point and it drove me crazy, not least of all because the tea lady wasn't allowed to bring me a cuppa 😄

    Enjoy your Christmas preparations and don't tire yourself out.

  • I know what you mean. The main concern was about passing whatever I had on to other oncology patients, but I have to say there was a deal of sloppiness in keeping to the mask regime by tea ladies and cleaners!

  • Sorry to hear you've been so unwell but glad you are feeling better and at last at home.

    Merry Christmas


    X x

  • Thanks Karen - I've just read some of your previous posts and I know that you can relate to this. The 24 hour hook-up to fluids and antibiotics together with wheelchair trips for x-rays really shook me. I knew then it was serious!


  • It's scary isn't it, you need lots of rest to build your strength, don't do too much, have a lovely Christmas Caroline lots of love


  • You poor thing Minard that must have been very scary!

    I am glad that you are feeling better and wish you a very Happy Christmas and New Year!


  • Oh my goodness, sounds rotten. Glad you're feeling a little better. Have a lovely Christmas and don't do too much, let your family pitch in. Get your feet up and enjoy the festivities. ❤️Xx🎄 Jane

  • How awful ... glad your on the mend and back at home ... have a fab Christmas 🎄 😍

  • Good to be home. Take it easy and have a lovely Xmas !

    Judy x

  • I can't believe you've done so much since coming home after such an experience. I think I'd be sitting on the sofa looking pale and interesting (only when someone else was with me of course!) then feet up and chuckling when some kind soul brought me a cup of tea, a sandwich, a book, a cold drink..... Get the picture!!!

    Seriously I hope that you are able to enjoy the Christmas but really try not to do too much, this is time to be put first.

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • Glad to hear you are home. wishing you a lovely Christmas and a healthier 2017 🎄🎄x

  • It's lovely your home, take care of yourself and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year xxxxx Jeanette

  • Goodness me! You don't do things by halves!,so glad you are feeling better,

    Wishing you a happy Christmas

    Carole xxx

  • I am glad you are back home when you can rest in your own bed, probably one of these things. However do add some dettol wipes to your shopping list and get someone to wipe down door handles and loo handle etc, Use your hand gel and no visitors who have been in contact with chickpox etc, I am sorry you had some really bad days. Take it easy and dont overdo it, enjoy your Xmas but delegate if you can and plenty of rest when you can get it,

  • Thanks for your advice. I've certainly been avoiding Christmas crowds in the shops, and have hardly even been out. The visitors issue is interesting as I've kept a couple of family friends away at the moment as they've had the shingles vaccination (free on NHS as they're both 70) which is a live virus. I've had shingles in the past and certainly don't need that added complication!

    I'm sleeping like it's going out of fashion and although delegation doesn't come easy to a control-freak, I've got a very worried husband to consider now and I want to enjoy Christmas! All the best to you too, Suzuki x

  • You are a mine of advice Suzuki! Take care, Netti

  • So sorry you've been so ill - look after yourself and take it easy this Christmas.

  • Caroline I'm so glad you have made it out and are home. What an ordeal! It never ceases to amaze me what we go through - it's quiet from a person then we get an update such as the one you have just given and BOUM! You find out another personal battle raged.

    Like Choski I'm impressed at how much you have done since you got home but would ask any Elves or Helpers to do their bit. Hope the visitors are the kind who don a pinny and flick the tea towel in a meaningful and useful way too - you need pampering.

    Hope you have a lovely festive time and recuperate for a healthier 2017.

    All the best, Netti x

  • Oh my goodness... poor you.. 12 days, wearing masks... Glad you're home for Christmas.. get some rest, have some lovely food and be looked after. Have a wonderful Christmas & New Year Love Michelle xx💐

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