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Need some reassurance

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So the past 4 days I've had pain in my ribs and a almost permanent stomach ache in the middle of my stomach. My ribs are hurting both sides. I have 4 fractures in my spine but thought they had virtually healed themselves as I had no more problems. But after wrapping presents rather awkwardly on my bed my back went back to its old ways really painful and I think I'm back to square one with that!! Since that happened my ribs hurt and my tummy ache too. Previously I have had a couple of episodes of awful pain really high up in my stomach right above my ribs cage luckily I think after some food diaries it appears to be carrotts that caused that!! So this is different and I'm terrified.

I saw my cancer nurse on Monday and commented re tummy ache and said I was worried as I was imagining all sorts...Pancreatic cancer!!

It was suggested I see my GP. I saw A GP today not my usual one. He felt my tummy etc read my notes and said it could be a trapped nerve on my lymph nodes that are in my pelvic region. As I didn't have a problem lifting my legs etc he thinks it's more likely theymph nodes. I have a prescription for Codeine. I am absolutely pooing myself. I am so scared the cancer is all in my stomach and causing all of this.

I last had first Carboplatin alone but stopped so November and December didn't gave any as white bloods too low. Due to hopefully restart January. Ca125 below 30 last time and last scan October. Major organs clear. But Oncologist was worried it was near my kidney. I'm weeing etc all ok not being sick. I keep crying as it's Christmas maybe my last. I hate feeling unwell. Don't know what to do or who to turn to. So scared. This stomach ache is so depressing constant it's soul destroying I can't do much.. Sorry so long and moaning. Dreading Christmas day if I'm like this.

I know many are worse off than me. I am sorry to go on.

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You are scared..that's natural with this awful disease but of course being terrified can increase stomach ache. The GP may well be right about it being a trapped nerve and even if it isn't that-you are not being sick...that's positive.

I am not much of a mindfulness bunny but sometimes staying in the moment can really help. You've done all the right things..told the right people. I hope you may be able to let your worries go over Christmas, cosset yourself and do only what you feel up to and see how you feel on 27th. Lots of love Lxx

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I had a trapped nerve in my hip and it was painful really painful and it took some time to clear with physio and traction, Then my thorac spine went into spasm and I would imagine that is what has happened you, So use a heat pad and paracetamol or the codeine and that should help a bit. Mine isnt mechanical but it was that bad the sweat poured off me. It is going away gradually now, Hope yours does the same

Trapped nerves can be quite painful, not to mention back ache after doing things awkwardly, even without spinal fractures. Also, every twinge, ache or pain in the abdomen is exceedingly worrying with our diagnosis and this will be preying on your mind. And worry can make pain worse. Make sure you concentrate on enjoying this Christmas, do things you enjoy and try and relax.

Maybe after Christmas you could investigate if yoga or Pilates might help.

All the best!

Hi luv,

All of what the ladies say I re imburse.The tendency is that we think we have a re occurrence with any ache or pain when another reason may be the cause.

Christmas causes us so many emotions,it doesn't sound like your experts are worried,so,take any painkillers you have to and a hot water bottle is always good,look after yourself and let others do the work,

Take care,

Carole xxx

Hi Ricky23, I can really understand where you are coming from. I am I pain under my rib cage from left to right since my last chemo about 8 weeks ago. I have been to my GP but he wasn't worried I even ended up visiting hospital but again they where not concerned.

I had an accident at work some years ago & suffered with my back. The GPS thought the pain was coming from my back or reflex or IBS. To be honest no one really knows but It's very easy to imagine the worse. I am worried sick it's gone everywhere but I take a deep breath & count the days down to when I see the cancer doctors again. I am seeing them on the 3rd of January. My CA125 went down to 9 but I am still thinking the worse.

I am not a doctor but unless you have an appointment coming up very soon it wouldn't hurt to make one as soon as you can. Stay in there thinking of you Cindyxx

Thank you all SO much for all your advice it's been very reassuring. The pain has lessened and slept quite well last night!!

I've been able to do a lot of prep for Christmas dinner today.

I see Oncologist early January and hope white cells improved so I can restart the Carboplatin.

My daughter thinks I may have possibly oddly developedal IBS so I'm being careful what I eat.

I wish you all a great Christmas and a healthy new year.

Once again a HUGE thank you for your kind words. 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲xxx

Hi glad you're feeling better and more like getting ready for Christmas.

Have you asked your doctor about neulasta or neupogen to increase your white cells? I had to miss one of my chemo infusions due to low white count, and I had neupogen injections twice a week after that. I didn't have to miss any other appointments.

I think you've gotten some great advise from the other ladies, so I won't reiterate what they've said. I do wish you the very best, and a Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy New Year.......JudyV

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