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Hi ladies

Having had a pain on my right hand side for 3 weeks now my consultant wants to see me on Wednesday. My CA125 has gone up from 7 to 22 in two months which I know isn't massive at all but it's a jump.

I went to see my GP yesterday to see what he said and he prodded me. I am now extremely tender on my right hand side below my rib cage and can press exactly where the pain is. He says he doesn't think there's any fluid there but it is where my liver is. He wants me to have liver function bloods on Monday so they're back for when I see my consultant on Wednesday. I'm terrified it's in my liver because it seems the only answer and he was going that way too.

I'm so scared and waiting is the hardest bit. Has anybody else had these symptoms?

Jo. X 💜

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Hi Jo..can't give you any advice but just wanted to send you some hugs because the waiting is so hard particularly if you suspect all is not well.

Fingers crossed it is just a gremlin which is easily sorted out.

All the best xxxx L

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Hi jo

Have had exactly the same pain Can't sleep on my right side as it's so uncomfortable.

Had my liver function done last week and they came back ok. However I've got scan in 2 weeks as my ca 125 is very high.

I'm on watch and wait at the moment.

I have high grade primary peritoneal stage 4.

Hope everything goes well for you

Judy xx

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Thank you Judy, yes the pain in my side is getting worse but can still sleep on it at the moment. Such a very long time to wait in between appointments etc having such a down day today. My first recurrence last year was in my peritoneum like scattered seeds as the onc described it but luckily 6 carbos got rid of it and I was back to leading a normal(whatever that is) life. This has all come on in the last 3 weeks and I can't get my head around it and feel I know already what it is. When they mention liver I think death sentence straight away and I'm just terrified of the diagnosis I think is inevitable.

How long have you had cancer for, mine started in 2012 October and had the one recurrence so far last year that I just mentioned.


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I was diagnosed may 2015. Completely out of the blue. I walked 10 miles and the same evening rushed into hospital with complete bowel obstruction

I've had 6 lots of carbo/ taxol, debunking op followed by 17 avastin treatments

I'm now on a wait and watch situation. My ca125 has zoomed up and I have right sided pain, hence the scan in 2 weeks

The last scan (10 weeks ago) showed a small amount of fluid in the pelvis, otherwise no change in size of tumours.

I'm going to say try not to worry, but we all do don't we? If the treatment has worked before for you, then hopefully it'll get rid of the rotten stuff again

Try and have a relaxing weekend

Judy x


Good luck with your scan I have my fingers crossed for you. I think I'll have a scan ordered after my consultants appt on Wednesday, the nurse told me he wants to see me before he decides on what to do.

I wish you all the best and thank you for your lovely message and let me know how you're doing.

Jo x 💜


Hi Jo, hopefully the pain is nothing sinister but it is also good your doctor is being proactive. There are lots of other things this could be so try not to worry. Well I wish you well for your apt with consultant and at least you will have a clear picture of what is going on. Sending you a hug


Hi. I expect it is something unrelated but it's good that it's being checked out. I do have some tumours in my liver but they are being held in check by treatment and have been there a while.


I was diagnosed in 2014, mine was a rapidly growing cyst on my left ovary which had turned cancerous with clear cell carcinoma + other complications, I had numerous scans, debulking surgery and 18 rounds of chemo. I too have pains in the same area, these turned out to be more cysts in my liver albeit these are non cancerous so far, I still get pains there from time to time and they do scare me but it's just what it is. Seems I'm just a cysty kind of girl, what I'm trying to say is that your pain could be something quite innocuous like mine is, I'm being regularly monitored because of all the cysts. Try not to worry, I know we all do it but it really doesn't help I truly hope yours is nothing too serious as well, good luck with your scan, fingers crossed for a positive result and it is so good your doctor is on side ❤️Xx


I have the same symptoms, getting a scan on Wednesday. Hope all goes well for you.


How are you ? Any results yet?

Hope all is ok

Clare x


Hi Clare thanks for your message I had ultrasound and liver, kidneys, spleen, lungs, pancreas all look healthy so that's great news 😃 As I think I said my CA125 has risen to 25 from 7 in 2 months so onc wants me to get that tested 4 weeks from my last test which is next week. If it keeps rising I'll have to have a CT scan so I'm crossing my fingers. All the waiting is one of the hardest parts! Oh well another day and I'm off to work.

Take care, hope you're well.

Jo xx

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Jo good to hear that ultra sound was clear and that you are being monitored. I can relate to what you're going through as my CLA went down to its lowest of 13 before Chemo 5 then was 14 at end of chemo appt plus clear NED. At my first 3 month appt it was 21 so as I've been having good abdominal pangs I had a CT last week. Results yesterday - nothing seen but CLA now 39. I'm on watch and wait and am going to the GP today to ask for a colonoscopy referral to see what's going on there. That could be what's influencing my 125 results but I want to make sure.

It's a worry isn't it?

Still we keep smiling and being positive I'm sure

Take care

Clare xx


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