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Treatment after borderline surgery

Hello Ladies,

So very grateful for all the great and prompt help I've received and for the kind support.

A question for those who have had borderline serous tumour surgery and had no chemo recommended after: what DID you do, any diet, other alternative or traditional treatments? I would be very interested to know how you've managed the situation further, if you can share.

Thank you very much: the best of health.

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Hi there

I had a borderline mucinous tumour removed nearly seven years ago. No chemo was advised. I have obviously done a fair bit of reading since and am in healthcare myself.

I truly believe that there is not enough evidence to support the use of supplements. If thee were the health service would surely recommend them.

However I believe that in order of decreasing importance the following help

1 reducing stress....easier said than done !

2 taking as much exercise as possible, this is hard after the operations but 6 to 12months later it should be possible again. There are trails that have shown that this reduces the risk of anything coming back.

3 good diet avoiding to the extent possible per prepared food.

I hope this personal opinion helps xxx


Thank you, Charie12 for your reply and suggestions. The more I've read, the more I've gotten confused! The recommendations for supplements is overwhelming, and I also don't believe it's being supported much.

I've thought about homeopathy or Bowen therapy, perhaps, harmless enough otherwise.

Thanks again, and best of heath to you!

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Hi Lavie - welcome to the site. Similar to Charlie, I had a borderline mucinous tumour removed back in June this year and then in August i had my right ovary, tube and appendix removed. No chemo was required. I've had a little wobble in relation to a possible reoccurrence but they think it's just a normal 'cyst' and i'm on a 'wait and watch' approach. After the ops, I listened to my body and took things gently. I have a fairly well balanced diet as it is and have always been active so struggled the most with NOT being able to work out as much as i was prior to becoming ill. But, from the 6 week mark after the last op, i gently got back into my gym routine and now i'm completely back to where i was before all of this began.

I think people can always go a bit crazy on supplements but in the same vein, sometimes they work for people too. Personally, I take a daily probiotic, multi-vit, Vit D3 and omega 3, 6 & 9 as that combination has worked to keep my feeling well over the years. I think whether you're having treatment or not, keeping things simple, nourishing and true to life (i.e. not processed) when it comes to you diet, you can't go far wrong. And of course, get yourself moving in any way that you can on a regular's good for the endorphins amongst other things. That's all we can do...i'm not sure there is anything specific we can do that can guarantee these nasties returning, but you can only treat your body in the best way you can and hope that's enough. Jemima xx

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Thank you, Jemima-- very helpful advice and I agree this is a good way to go.

Wishing you the best of health. xx

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