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Life insurance after borderline ovarian tumour

Hi all,

I had a borderline ovarian tumor removed in late 2010, with both ovaries left in for fertility reasons.

Last year I bought a property and have been trying to get life insurance. I am struggling to find a provider that won't charge hundreds of pounds per month despite fortunately being well for last 7 years. Has anyone successfully got life insurance after such a diagnosis at a sensible rate? If so can you point me in the direction of companies who deal with pre existing conditions.

Many thanks


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Hi Alice

Glad to hear you are well! I don't know the answer to your query but Macmillan should be able to help I think xx


Great you are doing so well, unfortunately I cant help you about this but I wish you the best in finding insurance


I can't offer any suggestions either, but if you do find a company, it is well worth having critical illness cover - mine paid out when I was diagnosed and it was such a relief to not have the financial pressure there too. Down side is that I'll never be able to get cover again, but never mind!

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I couldn't get life insurance either, they said try back in 5 years. Really doesn't seem fair


There's some information on the Cancer Research UKhere regarding obtaining life insurance after a diagnosis. Don't know if this might help.


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Can you get cover that doesn't cover you for ovarian cancer but does cover you for everything else? I have something like that but the rules are very strict- if there's any doubt of origin of cancer they won't pay out. X

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Thanks for all the responses will look at those links. I have spoke to Macmillian and their advice was rather generic which I understand as they have to be careful regarding specific companies etc

Bizarrely I have got Income protection policy with no loading but same company wants to load life cover to ridiculous leave.

Will also get some quotes to exclude it as suggested by Jen.

Wishing you all the best

Thanks xx


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